Malabrigo Quickie Tree Bark Set by Asita Krebs

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Ah Rios! We love this yarn so much. It is versatile and shows off the malabrigo colors so well. While one might immediately think of bright and flashy colors, you won't want to overlook the varied depth of the complex neutrals that we offer. 

Take a look at Camel, at first glance it is a lovely light caramely brown color. But if you look more closely you'll see subtle shades of gray and faint hints of orange. All of these colors blend together to create a true Camel color.

For this month's Quickie, talented designer Asita Krebs took full advantage of this subtle colorway to craft an intricatedly cabled hat with matching arm warmers called the Tree Bark Set. The ribbing that starts out the hat quickly turns and swoops in and out of interlaced cables that evoke beautiful knots. The designer says "Inspired of the acient pieces of wood covered by the sand of the dessert, uncovered by the movement of winds and storms. Memories to the far past and future. "

The mitts have the same lovely cablework and cover the palm down to mid forearm. Another exciting plus for this pattern is that it is available in both English and German! If you love cables then you are sure to enjoy knitting up this snuggly set.


malabrigo Newsletter | Spring 2019

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Malabrigo Quickie River Bend by Lindsay Lewchuk

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In the northern hemisphere it is in the middle of a sweltering summer and the idea of cooling silk and a flowing river of water might be just the thing to turn down the heat. Eco conscious designer Lindsay Lewchuk put her design skills to the test to create the River Bend scarf, a light and innovative warm weather accessory that takes only 2 skeins of our silk base Mora!

Because I couldn't quite figure out how she had achieved this intertwining of streams of silk I asked Lindsay to write up a bit about her process and inspiration.

In recent years, Puddles (her great dane- ed.) and I determined to select a theme under which to publish our designs ~ from Color, to Daring Details, to Eco Elements, to our 2019 theme, Fiber Focus.  Our goal this year, under Fiber Focus, is to examine the processes and natures of various fibers.  Silk yarn was up next and I couldn't resist the urge of casting on some luxurious Malabrigo Mora to have a design debut to accompany the blog. 

Concurrently, I was thrilled to be accepted into the Malabrigo Quickies program again this year!  The prompt: a non-cowl 1-2 skein item.  After settling on a summer scarf and with the forecast calling for an extra hot summer, my mind turned to ways of incorporating gaps into the design.  Gaps like watching water ebb and flow over rocky river bases and seeing those iconic swirling downspouts created as the currents belie the massive rock formations below.  I know the simplest way would be to use lace; however, I wanted to stretch the limits of the silk to discover if it were possible to create a structured item in what is otherwise an extremely drapey fiber.  

Several prototypes later; I sent the proposal in and it was a "yes".  The yarn arrived and I started knitting... but something was bothering me!  Designed with a single cable transitioning the river and riverbed elements, an uncomfortable twist was forming since the skinny scarf lacked stitches on either side to anchor the transition down.  It was back to the drawing board and many, many teeny tiny swatches to see just what worked.  My creative side jumped around different techniques, much to my tech editor's chagrin.  The pattern grew in length and difficulty as I tried to force the fiber to act in a way that was unnatural, until one day, it just clicked... just because a single cable was insufficient, the mass of cables was overkill! 

As easy as that, the design pieces fell into place resulting in a skinny summer scarf that doesn't twist at the color transition!  The pattern went through a major culling until the quickie nature once again resounded in the pattern directions.  This piece is designed to engage the little grey cells on the first repeat, but then becomes an effortless, perfect for summer, repeat as you knit in true quickies fashion.  

Working with Lindsay, we chose the colors Simple Taupe and Azure, in keeping with the cooling river theme. You'll need a set of US size 4 (3.5mm) DPN plus a cable needle and you will be on your way! Of course, you can choose your own color combination and have a blast.

Popular on Instagram for June, 2019

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Welcome to the top 5 of IG for the month of June!
Which one do you like best? 

Creature Comforts Cardi by Madelinetosh, knitted by ravelry user tsubasa1742, using malabrigo Rios in Ivy


Sunrise Cowl by Woolly Bear Knits using malabrigo Rasta in Cape Cod Gray, Valentina, Plomo, Ivory, Indiecita, Arco Iris and Queguay

Toph by Woolly Wormhead, knitted by ravelry user monknitker, using malabrigo Washted in Sunset and Azules

Nightshift by Andrea Mowry,  knitted by IG user kwschafer84 using malabrigo Rios in Hollyhock, Sunset, Frank Ochre, Glazed Carrot, Purple Mystery, Paris Night, Azul Profundo, Denim, Bobby Blue, Pearl, Niebla Sand Bank, Gris, Ivy and Lettuce

Hazel Shawlette by Katarzyna Przezdziecka using malabrigo Arroyo in Sand Bank 

See you next month! Don't forget that your likes on our feed matters on this list ;)


We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

Malabrigo Quickie Finley Socks by Marcela Chang

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For this month's beautiful Quickie we invited the amazing designer Marcela Chang to tell us about her new sock pattern in her own words, both Spanish and English!

Hola amigos de Malabrigo, mi nombre es Marcela, soy una diseñadora chilena y este mes participé del patrón de Malabrigo Quickies.

Las medias Finley es el patrón del mes de junio con la fabulosa Malabrigo Mechita en el color Lynx. Lo primero que pensé cuando diseñé estas medias fue que quería un patrón unisex, un patrón para tejerlo como futuro regalo para cualquier persona o para quedártelo después de pensarlo dos veces. Un patrón simple que fuera de un gusto generalizado que también sirviera para usar todas esas madejas solitarias del stash o que sirviera de excusa para probar nuevas lanas. Por eso elegí el patrón de trenzas, que a primera vista se ve más complejo pero que al tejerlo es fácil, rápido y apto para todo tipo de tejedores.

Para mí, las medias, son el proyecto ideal para llevar a las juntas de tejedores, o para salir de casa a tejer en el parque o en el café de la esquina. Para estas medias busqué un nombre unisex, esfuerzo casi imposible en español, en inglés encontré muchos! Pero el significado de Finley se clavó en mi corazón. Finley es un nombre Gaélico que viene del nombre escocés Fionnlagh, que significa el guerrero justo.

Espero les guste y hasta el 30 de junio tiene un 30% de descuento con el código MECHITA!

Hello Malabrigo Friends, my name is Marcela, I’m a knitwear designer from Chile and this month I designed a Malabrigo Quickie.

Finley Socks is the June pattern made with the fabulous Malabrigo Mechita in color Lynx. The first thing I thought when I designed these socks was that I wanted a unisex pattern, a pattern to knit as a future gift for anyone or to keep it to yourself after a second thought. I wanted a simple pattern but of a generalized taste, that works with all the SOLO skeins of your stash or an excuse for TRY other new ones. That’s why I choose a cable pattern, that at first sight can look complex, but when you start knitting it you realize that is easy, quick and suitable for all types of knitters.

For me, socks, are the perfect project to bring to your knitting group, or to leave the house to knit in the park or in the corner coffee shop. For this socks I look for a unisex name, endeavor almost impossible in Spanish, I found a lot in English! But the meaning of Finley just nailed into my heart. Finley is a Gaelic name that comes from the Scottish name Fionnlagh, meaning fair warrior.

Hope you like the pattern and until 30th June you have a 30% discount with the coupon code MECHITA!

The Breeze Collection a Crochet MFPP from Elena Fedotova

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The journey from sketched proposals to finished pieces is one of the most exciting parts of working with independent designers. Seeing how their ideas translate into a real world crafted item that can be worn is endlessly surprising. When we asked the amazing designer Elena Fedotova if she would be interested in creating a crocheted collection for the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project, her sketches were full of interesting promise. But the resulting collection? Nothing prepared me for how beautiful each and every piece would be. We couldn't be happier with these gorgeous crocheted patterns and hope you will love them as much as we do.

For the descriptions of each piece, I feel that Elena's words speak much better than mine ever could, so I'm turning this post over to her!

The Breeze Collection is a set of five crochet designs united by the common theme of a gentle drape and breezy mood thanks to a touch of lace in each of their stitch patterns. Though united in theme, each pattern in this collection has its own unique feature.

Sandpiper will probably surprise you with how little time it takes to crochet such a big garment (spoiler: very quickly!). The yarn, Rios (in Sandbank), makes this possible and the stitch pattern and gauge balance the yarn's weight to create a drapey comfortable sweater.

Ozone will amaze you with its rich texture created using only the simplest crochet stitches. Worsted (in Water Green), which is a buttery-soft single-ply yarn with great stitch definition, is perfect for highlighting this texture.

Anemone will restore your faith in crochet discovery: there are still many crochet stitch patterns and combinations waiting to be invented and explored. The star stitch used in this design highlights the beauty of the color variegation of Arroyo (in Reflecting Pool).

Waters will inspire your inner artist, an aesthete, and a perfectionist, in the way the colors blend beautifully one into the other like watercolors while using a colorwork method that leaves no leftovers. This design is worked in Malabrigo Lace held double, which becomes an ideal weight for a shawl and allows for the creation of a smooth color gradient (Water Green, Blue Surf, Jewel Blue, Indigo).

Suncatcher is all about relaxed regular crochet with a little smart touch to its edging. The edging uses a two-story stitch which allows one row to mimic the look of two rows and achieve that super-spiky look. The colorway, Ochre (on Sock), is absolutely amazing and looks very natural and smooth even in tall crochet stitches.

Make sure to check out the whole collection on Ravelry by clicking here.

And don't miss the beautiful LookBook on Issuu here.

Malabrigo Quickie Duneside Shawl by Ama Marie Knits

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Our Silky Merino yarn is a very versatile DK weight yarn suitable for all kinds of projects, but it simply sings when used for a shawl. Designer Ama Marie Knits took full advantage of its beautiful drape and penchant for lace in this month's Quickie the Duneside Shawl (click link for pattern page). By combining an arching wave motif with an architectural lace allows this shawl to highlight a variegated yarn (the colorway is Chuy) while maintaining the openness of lace.

We asked the designer about her inspiration for this lovely design and she had the following to say:

The Indiana Dunes consist of 2,182 acres of beautiful landscape on the southern end of Lake Michigan. The dunes themselves tower over 200 feet above the lake. Inspired by those waves of water and sand, Duneside is a light summer shawl, worked with 3 skeins of Malabrigo’s Silky Merino into an elongated triangle filled with mesh and lace with a neat I-cord edge. The yarn was fabulous to work with, amazingly lush while maintaining excellent stitch definition. The final size, airiness, and softness of the piece lend the wearer to a feeling of being wrapped in a warm summer's breeze. 

You will need 3 skeins of Silky Merino to complete this project and I believe that you can make it either larger or smaller based on the amount of yarn you use. I particularly like the way that the subtle varigation in Chuy provides flashes of color in the shawl knit by the designer, but I am confident that this piece will look amazing in any of our yarns. 

Make sure to check out the pattern's Ravelry page before the end of the month to see the introductory discount on this pattern!

Malabrigo Quickie: Amber Twist Hat by Natalya1905

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While some parts of the world are starting to get warm, other parts are still in the grips of the cold and half of the world is heading into winter, so it's the perfect time for a cozy new hat. Designer Natalya has taken a single beautiful skein of Dos Tierras in Ochre and crafted a fun hat featuring cables and texture and named it the Amber Twist Hat.

When asked about her inspiration, Natalya had the following to say:

Amber Twist is a cozy, slightly slouchy beanie hat, featuring a tubular cast-on, a classic ribbed brim, delicate zigzag columns and subtle cables. The hat is knit in the round from the bottom up and sized to fit most adults. Working on this design, I wanted to showcase the beauty of Malabrigo Dos Tierras, its flawless softness and perfect stitch definition. 'It's so gorgeous,' I gasped when I first saw this yarn in a hank. 'It's so lightweight and squishy,' whispered my model... Amber Twist is a quick and easy project. I truly hope you will like it and can't wait to see it in many different colors, bright or neutral. I'm sure all your hats will be stunningly beautiful. 

Like the designer, I cannot wait to see the other colors that knitters choose for this hat. I am pretty sure that it will look great in just about anything! Honestly, I can see knitting this one up in several different colors and never getting bored.


Popular on Instagram for March, 2019

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These are your favorite posts from last month:


Nightshift by Andrea Mowry, knitted by laurabainsantiago, using Rios in Blue Jeans, Magenta, Single Lot, Lettuce, Teal Feather and Syrah Grapes colorways. 


KnitWeave by Susan Ashcroft, knitted by Knapknits, using Silky Merino in Mares and Cape Cod Gray colorways. 


Sunrise Cowl by Emily Sheehan using Rasta in Arco Iris, Queguay and Cape Code Gray colorways. 


Skeins - Sock in Turner and Mechita in Art Nouveau. Photo by @driftwoodyarns.


Daelyn Pullover by Isabell Kraemer , knitted by OxanaH, using Rios in Bobby Blue colorway. 

Don't forget that you can have your voice heard too, by liking your favourite posts on our feed :)

See you next month !

Malabrigo Quickie Asteria by Frances Othen Wales

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Have you heard about Malabrigo Washted yet? It is a superwash version of our much loved Worsted base. Just like Worsted it is a super soft, single ply dyed in a rainbow of stunning colors. But Washted can stand up to being in the washing machine! The superwash process prevents felting and has the lovely side-effect of making the yarn almost silky - which made it a perfect match for the beautiful new cowl Asteria (click here for pattern page) by talented new designer Frances Othen-Wales

Frances was kind enough to create two versions of this stunning piece, one that uses a single skein and another that uses two skeins. So whatever your cowl length preference this pattern will suit. 

Here are some words from the designer:

Asteria is a lightweight yet cosy cowl designed to showcase one or two skeins of beautiful Malabrigo Washted, and works particularly well in a variegated colourway. The gauge is deliberately loose to really get the most out of your yarn whilst still providing a gloriously squishy finished product. Named for Asteria, the Greek goddess of falling stars, the cowl is inspired by images of our galaxy. The knotted openwork stitch moves across a background of plain stockinette creating a beautiful interplay of texture and colour. The cowl is knit flat and then seamed using kitchener stitch, and is available in two sizes.

And she is so right. The intriguing knot stitch that is employed works just as beautifully with the Washted multicolor Selva Peruana as it does with the tonal Pearl. I cannot wait to see this cowl in as many colors as possible because I am confident that they will all be stunning!