Treillage Cowl by Jennifer Emslie

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Here you can see a new pattern that we have recently prepared for a brochure.


Treillage cowl is a quick proyect to knit in your first steps or to create a beautiful last minute gift. 

As winter is coming, it's time to prepare and knit our garments and accesories for the season. 

Perfect as a complement of a casual and trendy look. 

This sample was knitted in Teal Feather colorway, but you can try it in any of the malabrigo rasta colors!


You can find the free pattern here

We would love to see your project! Happy knitting!. 


Popular on Instagram for August 2017

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Another month has gone by and it's already September. Can you believe it? 

This month the most liked photos on our Instagram feed are mostly closeups, which I find very interesting! 

For August we took the top six, because two of them were really close, and an extra beauty to look at can never be a bad thing, right?

Geodesic Cowl by Emily O'Brien knitted by kittywithacupcakeGeodesic Cowl by Emily O'Brien, knitted by kittywithacupcake using malabrigo Arroyo in Indiecita 

Lilian by Suvi Simola, knitted by knit-tweedLilian by Suvi Simola, knitted by knit-tweed using malabrigo Rios in Piedras.

Stormy Sky Shawl by Life Is Cozy, knitted by RiverPoet

Stormy Sky Shawl by Life Is Cozy, knitted by RiverPoet, using malabrigo Mechita in Mandragora.

Skeins! malabrigo Rios in Diana colorway. Pic by @hazisafranyPicture posted to Instagram by @hazisafrany, showing skeins of malabrigo Rios in Diana.

Nimm was da ist / Take whats there by Florentine
Nimm was da ist / Take whats there by Florentine, using malabrigo Mechita in Diana and malabrigo Sock in Azules.

Rollick by Sara Gresbach

Rollick by Sara Gresbach using malabrigo Worsted in Rhodesian

What do you think? 

See you next month to see what September brought!


We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

September Calendar

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Can you believe it's almost September? Isn't that crazy? This year is going by so fast !

In case you hadn't notice, we have a new section on our website, the Calendar, where we put up the events we will be participating in, like trunk shows, fiber festivals, etc.. 

Some fun things are happening in September that we wanted to tell you about.

On September 2nd, Jessie At Home and Royal Rabbit Vineyards in Parkton, Maryland are teaming up to bring you a yarn and wine tasting, and malabrigo is a sponsor of this fun event.

Yarn and Wine Tasting at Jessie at homeYou will be able to try out different yarns and notions, and taste some good wine. Please, plan ahead and bring a designated driver!   You can read more about this event here.


Trunk Shows

We currently have four trunk shows touring the country: there are three large shows that feature pieces from our most recent books, including books 10 & 11 alongside select classics from earlier books. There is also a mini-trunk show, a smaller version of the larger shows, to give you a tantalizing taste of malabrigo!

These are the trunk shows dates and locations for September:

Trunk Show 1: September 15, 2017 Yarn Charm

Trunk Show 2: September 15, 2017 Woolly and Co, MI

Trunk Show 3: September 15, 2017 Ben Franklin Crafts WI

We’d love to make your LYS our next stop. If you’re interested in scheduling a show, please email us at


Go to Knitting School with Malabrigo Junkies

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One of the Admins of the super fun, Ravelry based Malabrigo Junkies group was kind enough to agree to the following interview about all of the fun things that go on in this vibrant collection of Malabrigo lovers. Kateclysm is her Ravelry ID and she keeps things moving right along in this fast paced group.

Could you tell us a bit about the Malabrigo Junkies Ravelry group? When did it start? How many members does it have? How did you become an admin?

The Malabrigo Junkies Ravelry group was started a bajillion years ago by member Simplethings. In August 2007. I didn’t join until the next August but the first year was a rolling-rollicking group looking for their next big fix. Most of the oldest threads are asking where to find certain colorways, or reporting sales or asking how to use the colorway they just bought. A truly fun a chaotic group! We’ve accrued 16,180 members, but only about 300 are active at any given time. When a group has been around this long I think that’s par for the course.

I became one of three Admins maybe 4 or 5 years ago when one of our previous Admins had to take a break. We try to never have fewer than three because we all lean on each other and sort of tag-team certain duties. My cohort is made up of myself, the wonderful Gwenschweitzer and the incomparable RiverPoet, we also have a dedicated team of mods who step up to the plate for each event and really do a great job. Truly wonderful people!

This sock by Raveler victoriasews is knit in Malabrigo Sock, colorway Primavera as her participation in the Junkie U sock class.

I know you have quite a few events over the course of the year, what and when are they?

I think we’re most known for Malabrigo March. Simplethings decided that we needed a special event to celebrate our Mal love and Malabrigo March was started! There were KALs for particular patterns or mal bases, contests and random prizes. We still run the event basically the same way and are very fortunate that the always-generous Malabrigo Company is able to donate prize yarn each year! Mal March is always something we look forward to, the camaraderie and competition is awesome and we all enjoy it.

For the Brioche class Raveler momfortytwo combined Sabiduria and Ivy in Rios to stunning effect.

This past year we also started very casual “color alongs”. The members were starting to do little kals where they all happened to have the same colorway and wanted to work it up, others would get inspired (I mean, who wouldn’t get inspired by the gorgeous Malabrigo colors??) and drop what they were doing to cast on something in the same or similar colorway. So we decided it would be fun to make those mini-vents a little more “official” and set aside threads so anyone could play along that wanted to (also making it easier to find the content! The Junkie threads are moving very fast every day and little bits of information can definitely get lost).

At one time, we had an annual event for encouraging members to get their Holiday knitting started early and that was October Stockpile… but other groups have been doing such a fabulous job with that same concept that we decided it was time to let that one go.

And then in summer we have Junkie University…

Of course there is a crochet class and Raveler ChrissieM made this adorable owl using Mechita in a variety of colors including Eggplant, Hollychock, Sand Bank, Anniversario, and Manzanilla Olive. What a great way to use up scraps.

OK, Junkies University! Please tell us all about it? I know that there are different categories and contests and well, a load of fun stuff that I’d love to hear about.

A couple of years ago I proposed a new event that was more related to what inspired me about our group (as opposed to being inspired by the yarn) which was the supportiveness of the members, and my love of learning. I decided to reinforce my credo that there’s nothing you can’t do when it comes to knitting/crocheting/weaving/spinning/dying, by encouraging the members to choose a technique they have always been wanting to learn, or have been too intimidated to start, and pick a project and start it. I called it Junkie University and made it a three month event running from July to September.

In the modular knitting class Raveler carolsumie learned how to do entrelac using Rios in Piedras. She also learned she didn't want it to be a hat so an entrelac cowl is now in the works.

The way it works is self-run learning with peer help. We have mentors in-group who are there to recommend methods, provide clarity, root for results and cheer for the FOs. Since everyone has different levels of interest, we also allow participants to decide how “into it” they want to go: you can choose to Audit the “class” by making a decent sized swatch using the chosen technique, “Normal” level students will generally create something accessory-sized, and then “Master” students work up a proposal and plan for a much larger project that will be worked on through the three month term of the event. At the end of it all, we encourage students to write up a “What I learned this summer” essay which are lots of fun to read and very rewarding! We give out loads of prizes for both participation and finishing… it’s all about adding to your skill set and learning something new!

Sabiduria on Rios knit up beautifully in this pair of mitts by Raveler JavaDressage! Her entry into the gloves class is fabulous.

Finally, a totally unfair question. What is your favorite Malabrigo yarn base and color?

Truly like asking which of my children I love best (this is why I only have one). I think my go-to colorway has been Lettuce for a long time, I have it in just about every base! I love just about all the blues that come out of Mal’s dye pots, and some of the variegated colors make me swoon whenever I see them (Indiecita, Pocion, Vaa). I’m excited about the new speckled colors on Mechita and look forward to playing with some in the near future! As far as bases, Merino Worsted is always my first love, but I adore Twist and Rios as well as Mechita and Mora (the sheen of that silk!). Truly a Junkie, I could go on and on about our beloved Mal!

Not part of Junkies University, but I couldn't resist this beautiful vest that kateclysm knit up in Chunky using her favorite color Lettuce.

Thank you so much Kate for the interview and insight into Junkies University. The Junkies group is always a ton of fun and if you want to hang out with a whole bunch of crafters who share your love of Malabrigo yarn it is a great place to be.

Escuela Nº50 de Durazno

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A while ago, ANEP, the National Association of Elementary School, invited us to participate in a special event that was going to be held at Escuela Nº50 in Durazno. 

School signIn Uruguay each public school has a number, as well as a name. This school is located in the department of Durazno, which is in the very center of our country.

Front of the school

The project consisted of a group of artisans called Artesanas Las Abejitas teaching the children how to weave, using our yarns.

learning to weavelearning to weave


learning to weave

What a wonderful opportunity to be a small part in introducing the children to this ancient technique, thus keeping traditions alive. Thank you for letting us be a small part of this project.

the team

Bryce Canyon Cowl by Courtney Mussatt

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Here you can see one of the patterns we have recently prepared for brochures.

We take them to the fairs for those who visit our booth and want to be the first to know our news and products. 



The Bryce Canyon cowl is knit in the round and uses one skein of light fingering malabrigo yarn, perfect for that single skein you can’t decide how to use. The slipped stitch pattern shows off variegated and multi-color colorways as the slipped stitch contrasts against the background. This is a great pattern for a beginning knitter as it primarily requires only the slipping of stitches, in addition to the knit and purl stitches.


This picture was taken during the photoshoot. 
Model: Jessica Benitez
Photographer: Mauricio Pizard
Producer: Luciana (malabrigo team)

If you like this pattern and want to knit it , you can find it here: Bryce Canyon Cowl


Happy knitting!


Popular in Instagram for July 2017

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We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

For July, these are the top five:

Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes, knitted by @agatitam

agatitam's version of Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes using malabrigo Sock in the Ivy colorway.


Aurora Borealis by Svetlana Gordon.

Aurora Borealis by Svetlana Gordonusing malabrigo Mechita in the Teal Feather, Aniversario and Diana colorways.


Semele by sa Tricosa, knitted by donnarossa

Close up of donnarossa's version of Semele by Åsa Tricosa, using malabrigo Sock in the Archangel colorway.


Gideon by Melissa Schaschwary, knitted by cfsoren.

Close up of cfsoren's version of Gideon by Melissa Schaschwaryusing malabrigo Rios in the Jupiter and Glitter colorways.


Alexandra Shawl by Dee O'Keefe knitted by Kunibert

Kunibert's version of Alexandra Shawl by Dee O'Keefe, using malabrigo Finito in the Mostaza colorway.


We hope you like it and look forward for August will show!


Projects of Many Colors

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While I was browsing through some projects on the Ravelry database I was struck by the sheer variety of beautiful color combinations made in malabrigo yarn that the talented knitters there have put together. There you can choose from over 300 different colors from all the bases malabrigo has to offer, so I thought it would be fun to highlight some of these projects that used 4 or more colors from malabrigo!

Raveler Tristaran created this absolutely amazing stocking for a swap. It uses the Merino Worsted base in Pollen, Natural, Sunset, Teal Feather, Solis. She incorporated two different colorwork charts into the Socks Two at a Time On a Magic Loop pattern to create this truly unique project. Wouldn’t you have loved to be her swap partner?


Raveler Zapasi chose to use malabrigo Lace to downsize the popular Find Your Fade  shawl and I can only imagine how amazingly soft this finished piece is.  For her fading colors she chose Frank Ochre, Mariposa, Lettuce, Indecita, Bobby Blue, Arco Iris, and Holly hock and called it a “Spring Fade”. It is truly a show stopping shawl.


Another project made in malabrigo Lace was by Raveler Vevka who stuck with a purple color palette to knit her own version of Nuvem . By combining Frost Pink, Cuarzon, Whales Road, and Azul Bolita she created a monochromatic masterpiece that drapes beautifully and wears like a dream.


For a heavier weight shawl, Raveler Lbucci3 opted for Merino Worsted to make her Om Shawl  Using the perfect Pearl as a neutral, her additions of Frank Ochre, Verde Adriana, and Bijou Blue make this super-sized shawl as stylish as it is cozy.


Of course I had to find something in Sock and Raveler Java03mama used a total of seven different colors to create what she called her Lifesavers version of On the Spice Market. The colors Terracotta, Natural, Lettuce, Persia, Solis, Eggplant and Ochre all come together beautifully to create a cheerful accessory that looks totally fun to wear.


And finally, clocking in with a whopping variety of 9 colors Raveler deezknitzpgh lovingly made an amazing Bounce Blanket in Rios. Using Natural to seperate all of the amazing colors she striped her way through the spectrum from Frank Ochre, Apple Green, Fresco Y Seco, Lettuce, Teal Feather, Paris Night, Pearl Ten, and all the way to Plomo. That is one lucky baby!

So the next time you are feeling like there isn’t enough color in your life remember that you can always brighten things up with malabrigo!


Tejiendo Juntos - Knitting Together

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About two months ago, Nuevocentro Shopping contacted us to collaborate with a project they were preparing for Granparents' Day, which is celebrated in June.

It consisted of donating yarn for making blankets that would be donated to Cottolengo Don Orione, a Non-Profit Civil Organization that is renowned across our country.

We decided to donate all the yarn they needed, so they could achieve their goal.

This was the campaign poster:


They prepared this video to explain the idea and to invite people to join in their knitting workshops.


During June, they held workshops for all those who wanted to participate. Some were experienced knitters or crocheters and some were beginners, but they all were "knitting together". 
Here you can see a video about the workshops and the blankets.
Nuevocentro received knitted squares from all over the country and they carefully sewed them together to make the complete yarn blankets. 
We were very happy to see the results! 
Last week we were invited to join them at Cottolengo Don Orione Femenino, where they delivered the donated blankets. 
In a Press Conference, Nuevocentro Shopping Staff presented their idea and explained the project, inviting members of the Cottolengo to tell us about their work. 
We had the chance to meet some of the women who live there and they were very happy to receive the blankets. Every week they have knitting workshops and although they have different kinds of motor skill disorders, they all try to knit some easy garments. 
Here you can see more pictures from that day: 
Nuevocentro Shopping's Marketing Staff with some of the Yarn Blankets.
We want to thank all the people who participated in this project in any way and all those who helped make this a complete success. 
As for those who received the donations, we wish that when they cuddle up to the blankets they can feel the affection of the people who knitted for them.