Will My Skeins Match?

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What exactly is a dye lot? In conventional yarn dying the fiber is frequently dyed before it is even spun and they designate the large batch of fiber that they are dying with a number, the lot number. That specific color can vary from lot to lot so it is recommended that if you want your yarn to match perfectly you purchase skeins from the same lot number.

At malabrigo we hand dye the spun yarn in smaller batches and because of this colors may vary from skein to skein, even within the same dye lot. This characteristic increases in variegated colors and there are specific colorways that do not have a dye lot at all. 

For these highly variegated yarns the absorption of the dye can vary even within the same batch so the idea of dye lot doesn't apply. Each skein is has its own unique beauty and to create a multi-skein project the knitter will need to just choose the skeins that are the most similar and alternate skeins while knitting to blend the colors together. 

We have put together the following list of no dye lot colors: 


Pradera      Boreal Diana Whales Road
Arco Iris Queguay Zarzamora Primavera
Aniversario Lluvia Lotus Chuy
Indiecita Marte Pocion Mares
Piedras Salpicado Soriano Liquidambar
Archangel        Baya Electrica        Laguna Negra         

Introducing Dos Tierras

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We are so excited to introduce you to our newest yarn base, called Dos Tierras, a special blend of  Merino and Alpaca.

Dos Tierras
As you know, all the merino wool we use for our yarns come from Uruguayan sheep, but some of this wool is processed and manufactured in Peru, while another part is still processed and manufactured in our homeland, Uruguay. We created Dos Tierras, which means Two Lands, as homage to these two beautiful countries. By spinning together 50% of our fine Uruguayan Merino wool with 50% baby alpaca from Peru, we have created a DK weight yarn that is as versatile as it is beautiful. The 4-ply structure of the yarn gives a great stitch definition to show off texture, and gives a wonderful drape to your finished garments.

You can find this base in 22 of our kettle-dyed semi-solid and variegated colors, with which you can create the perfect palette to help show off the finished object of your favorite craft.

dos tierras collage

We have prepared a collection using this yarn, working with 5 designer who came up with these lovely designs. You can find the collection on ravelry here or by clicking on the images. Each pattern is sold individually.

Dos Tierras Collection

Designs using Dos Tierras

We hope you like our new base much as we do, and we can’t wait to see all the marvelous things you create with it!

malabrigo Giveaway Winners !

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Here are the winners of our Mechita test skeins!

  • 835 loppister
  • 589 joanif
  • 1759 owlcrazihandworks
  • 888 mariaroseshanahe
  • 1921 dkkopp
  • 1704 aknitterlybookworm
  • 228 kittywithacupcake
  • 666 miriam_un_raconet_de_fils
  • 1052 purlandstych


Congratulations! Thank you so much to all who participated.

Fashion show at Vogue Knitting Live, Minneapolis

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Last Saturday, November 5th malabrigo took over the Vogue Knitting Live runway in Minneapolis. We had the opportunity to show you designs from some of our books, specially our most recent one, malabrigo Book 10 – Rios, and also designs by Steven Be and Scott Rohr. For anyone who couldn’t enjoy the fashion show live with us, we made a little video, showing some highlights.

We also presented garments from our upcoming malabrigo Book 11 – Aniversario. This book will be based on designs featuring our new colourway Aniversario, created to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

To read more about the patterns presented at the Fashion Show, please click on the following image, which is for the brochure we gave away at the door.

List of patterns and description

The fashion show was a success and we had a blast! We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into it, too ?

malabrigo Giveaway

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Thank you all so much for participating in our giveaway. We loved reading all your comments and good words about our brand and products.

The contest is closed and here are all the names of participants.

Please check your assigned number and if your Instagram name is written correctly.
If you find any mistake or names that apprear more than once, please let us know at cm@malabrigoyarn.com before Sunday 13th at 12pm.


1 mayor_of_coffeetown 1001 bloomhandmadestudio
2 knitforaqueen 1002 pagama147
3 petuniabutt 1003 yksityisallan
4 punkrockrainbow 1004 wmh302
5 jennifer_haydon 1005 spillthesunshine
6 hannah13banana 1006 marinabarbati
7 katya.macdo 1007 nollie523
8 jmnishihara 1008 yknotebooks
9 librarianh2o 1009 knitchick83
10 bakanekosan 1010 christina.wav
11 paulawessells 1011 snealmade
12 miriam_design_studio 1012 corinnarella23
13 lthetattoodlady 1013 york109
14 nurse_knitter 1014 kerith89
15 birds.wool 1015 redbeautytextiles
16 class5knits 1016 helle_brixen
17 jenortizmakes 1017 migihandmade
18 iakee6404 1018 cassandramzibell
19 isibinni 1019 magicsock
20 wssue 1020 ersmer
21 loverofthelight89 1021 minditreu9
22 gogrowlove 1022 melissa_sue1982
23 mathildedeloubes 1023 janscraftycrochet
24 noonle 1024 marthawhite1234
25 bunnicula_ 1025 madanaro
26 thenewenglandgal 1026 cdotpeck
27 luanneknits 1027 eraknits
28 pcnky 1028 lindsr2
29 zefire_knit 1029 jenhixon
30 haleyhups 1030 pstopar
31 kunklebaby 1031 chickenhound
32 jendhi 1032 mamatcha
33 mstgt91 1033 krosserertholmene
34 jennerlf 1034 heropup611
35 darcyljwhite 1035 momma_pal
36 june.woodward 1036 kvts2004
37 cookier293 1037 foxpawcrafts
38 shutupandsmile21 1038 avocadolove
39 insomniacknitter 1039 drgnflywings
40 shepnatasha 1040 birch.grove
41 vir.ginie.13 1041 the_kelsoh
42 lary1405 1042 jaciefalko
43 whahapind 1043 barbara_cudia
44 mountainroseknits 1044 olgaputano
45 eskyria 1045 cabdellant
46 avidknits 1046 yarnloversnet
47 lindleyruth 1047 trikanto
48 inedelvaux 1048 marin__jane
49 nlwahlund 1049 dansksvenskme
50 nelli2010 1050 jandaia_isa
51 henleylucy 1051 inthefleece
52 mrsjennyanydots 1052 purlandstych
53 whitball 1053 linnabears
54 akemis11 1054 wjane_may
55 vanessafdezm 1055 antiqwitty
56 99moutons 1056 ringelkatze
57 drawfour 1057 emilybgale
58 margie228 1058 scorpygal10
59 melissakdesigns 1059 leeeeyunsung
60 amraunio 1060 ldhmamadm
61 heydontlook 1061 goldenmommd
62 the.sourcerer 1062 and_dream_of_sheep
63 gracebetweenbells 1063 gretalj30
64 klbhappy 1064 wildiriscrochet
65 kai_ko 1065 misspiggott
66 mrs_sharon_graff 1066 cuupri
67 lavanyapatricella 1067 mlqstevens
68 catherineahein 1068 jacqgurr
69 kremenwait 1069 suiloska
70 leslieshore 1070 kingeorgie
71 hawkknitter 1071 holymotherduckling
72 karmylstitches 1072 smartgirl07
73 lynne5600 1073 linneaalskarkakor
74 maerzay 1074 kupiknitter
75 highstrungmama 1075 girlafraid1970
76 harriettealcock 1076 i_am_bundle
77 lizalaird 1077 pinkjaneking
78 hellestrudahlhansen 1078 sonyawins
79 knitting_in_transit 1079 caliluknits
80 craftyvance 1080 nikkispins
81 raven.nevermore.evermore 1081 fashionschooldropout
82 blueeyedcraftyphotography 1082 havenfibrearts
83 ania_pavlikova 1083 neenuca_
84 mcfiemom 1084 samsweaterz
85 adaines1 1085 nancyvanhoose1
86 thesehandsofmine 1086 dashin.zen
87 knitnerd4875 1087 tmarie2013
88 knottyhookercrochet 1088 truthfullypassion
89 quartertothree 1089 ono_notagain
90 olagrefling 1090 herekitty910
91 lbuhler09 1091 elizabethamorrow
92 tricomaniac 1092 cgmclean91
93 katehibou 1093 eflatmajor
94 zurocosa 1094 sciura_venusta
95 theknitpicky 1095 woodsy_and_wild
96 n0tsocrafty 1096 frauluknits
97 vilma_cj 1097 the.knitted.cupcake
98 bozscf 1098 jeanettelonberg
99 mcdangel 1099 suewhe
100 mrschelseajane 1100 feefifofum50
101 shaybear516 1101 rainierknitter
102 rainmomma 1102 passionknit
103 lifewithstring 1103 liza_rusakevich
104 rockstarmidwife 1104 olya_dangelo
105 jessgagnonknits 1105 quiltmaker93551
106 inesdubai 1106 cltitus0209
107 lirioroja 1107 shetty.shruti
108 mariamightbe 1108 sunrisefiberco
109 alice_e17 1109 msprettymac23
110 mamamadewaffles 1110 knit.by.hand
111 jackie.mceachern 1111 dthalasitis
112 ragna_pagna 1112 moonknitnight
113 littleboatwriter 1113 heatheralaneknit
114 snicklefritzcrochet 1114 patchwork_and_cakes
115 anasteziya_freidovna 1115 annaleber
116 supercucciolocappuccio 1116 iltavirkku
117 helenforester 1117 janekalafut
118 lauralally627 1118 happygoknitty
119 saraperrin 1119 benalucille
120 ravelrees 1120 lizschulten
121 shokomizune 1121 popsreallysoda
122 amanitaknits 1122 grismouton
123 alexandra_r_83 1123 kaystir
124 tant_lina 1124 julia_bermann
125 nomennescio1840 1125 procrastaknits
126 watercoloury 1126 khagan16
127 elli_elizabeth6 1127 jennygunn44
128 fbrart 1128 squaregrannyvintage
129 epmcwillis 1129 winspearean
130 marcy.starbuck 1130 thedesertknitter
131 cristina152825 1131 karenkayjohnson
132 spostus 1132 peacock3717
133 lauremellon 1133 moviemaniac888
134 evagapi 1134 asubir
135 thecomicbookheroine 1135 mouseknits
136 gillyflower72 1136 red.dandelion
137 toocraftyforherowngood 1137 rikafromtheblok
138 xpamx99 1138 christlkeller
139 luchkow 1139 taylorgemery
140 deepblueknits 1140 talulagomez
141 moniquelomax 1141 mjar003
142 rcc225 1142 beyondthedreamprops
143 beaetsescroquignols 1143 mrhuff86
144 sweller66 1144 infinitykate
145 aravis_moore 1145

MFPP: Daily Inspirations by Hanna Maciejewska

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There is a new MFPP we haven’t talked about yet!

We can all use some inspiration, some words to gives us a little push when we need it, or to help us  reach our goals, and achieve inner balance, making us better humans.

It is these daily inspirations that make up this lovely collection by designer Hanna Maciejewska. Life doesn’t only need words to inspire, but also texture, and interest, and this collection brings those as well.

feel-huggedBe open mindedBe ConfidentMake it yours

Be confident, a double twisted cowl

In the words of the designer:

Do you feel intimidated sometimes and think: “That’s too hard for me, I couldn’t possibly be able to achieve that”?

Well, “Be Confident” because many things are a lot easier when you actually try them as they had seemed on first glance.

The stitch pattern in this generously proportioned cowl, which I immediately fell in love with when I found it online, looks like a complicated shell stitch, but is actually quite easy to make. Just try it!

To make this cowl you will need 3 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn Rios, in the colour of your choice. This sample is knit using Plomo (#43).

Be Confident by Hanna Maciejewska

Be Confident by Hanna Maciejewska

Be Open Minded, an asymmetrical cardigan

In the words of the designer:

Step outside the box and make a statement with this modern and chic asymmetrical cardigan.

It features a subtle but beautiful eyelet stitch pattern on one of the fronts (also repeated on one sleeve), interesting ribbing details on the second front, and gentle waist and hip shaping.

Worked top-down in raglan construction – of course seamless, as always, this soft cardigan can be worn over jeans or a dress, making it perfect for any season.

This cardigan comes is designed for sizes XS (S, M, [M1, L, L1], XL, 2X, 3X), and to knit it you will need 4 (4, 4, [5, 5, 5], 5, 6, 6) of Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo in the colour of your choice. The sample is knit using English Rose (#57)

Be Open Minded by Hanna Maciejewska

Be Open Minded by Hanna Maciejewska

Feel Hugged, a triangular shawl

In the words of the designer:

Simple garter stitch alternates with a textured pattern in this triangular shawl knit on the bias from the tip to the widest side.

Looks best in solid colors or not too wild hand dyed yarns.

To knit this shawl you will need 6 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn Finito, in the colour of your choice. The sample is knit using Glitter (#48)

Feel Hugged by Hanna Maciejewska

Feel Hugged by Hanna Maciejewska

Make it Yours, a slim-fitting pullover

In the words of the designer:

“Make it Yours” is a slim-fitting pullover with a center cable panel on a double moss stitch ground. The cable stitch pattern, worked from a chart or written instructions, is full of unexpected twists and turns and culminates in a flattering neckline just to show your best features.

The sweater is knitted almost seamlessly from the bottom up with flattering waist shaping and set-in sleeves started from short row sleeve caps, with and a series of decreases for neckline and armholes.

This versatile pullover that can complement almost everything from jeans to festive skirt is going to be one of your favorites!

This pullover comes in the following sizes:XS (S, M, [M1, L, L1], XL, 2X, 3X) and to knit it you will need  5 (6, 6, [7, 7, 7], 8, 9, 9) of Malabrigo Yarn Finito in the colour of your choice. The sample is knit using Plomo (#43)

Make it yours by Hanna Maciejewska

Make it yours by Hanna Maciejewska

You can find the collection on ravelry through this link.

Link to Hanna Maciejewska’s website

MFPP: One Stitch, Two Stitch: A Mini Stitch Dictionary for Mini Stitches

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There is a new MFPP out, called One Stitch, Two Stitch: A Mini Stitch Dictionary for Mini Stitches by Barbara Benson.



Barbara Benson explains the brilliant concept behind this collection:

What can you do with two stitches? That is the question that prompted this exploration into simple knitting. First peruse the fourteen different stitch patterns in the stitch dictionary. Then select which one of the four easy and fun accessories you would like to make first. Decide which of the stitches you would like to use in the pattern and you are on your way.

This collection contains four patterns, but you can really create 14 different versions of each! How about that? It’s time to get creative!

The first pattern in the collection is called Ring the Gack, and it’s a lovely cowlette using Malabrigo Yarn Rios in Ivy.

Ring the Gack

Ring the Gack by Barbara Benson

Next comes On Mulberry Street,  using our lovely 100% Mulberry silk base Mora, in the colourway Sabiduría

On Mulberry Street by Barbara Benson

On Mulberry Street by Barbara Benson

If you’re more into hats, you can knit No Pat No, using Malabrigo Yarn Twist. The sample is knit using the colourway Sunset.

No Pat No, by Barbara Benson

No Pat No, by Barbara Benson

And if you’d rather knit a scarf in thicker yarn, there is also an option for you: Sala-ma-Sond is a scarf knit using Malabrigo Yarn Mecha, in the colour Teal Feather for the sample.

Sala-ma-Sond by Barbara Benson

Sala-ma-Sond by Barbara Benson

You can also buy each pattern individually, with the detailed instructions as shown for each, not the 14 different stitch patterns.

Barbara made a video, introducing this collection herself, which we are very excited to share and we hope you like it, too.

You can find the collection on ravelry through this link

Link to Barbara Bensons website: http://tumpedduck.com/

You can also browse all our past MFPPs here.