World Wide Knitting in Public Day at ExpoLana

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As we told you in our previous post, on Saturday June 10th, we celebrated the "World Wide Knitting in Public Day" (here)



We kicked things off at 2:00 pm at ExpoLana, and spent the afternoon knitting for the Roosevelt School and sharing one of our passions, yarn. In the pictures you can see Catherine Sochara, a very knowledgeable scientist and teacher from The Uruguayan Secretary of Wool (El Secretariado Uruguayo de la Lana SUL) who inaugurated ExpoLana by talking about the wonderful properties of wool.

We gathered around the fair, some of us enjoying the sunny day, others choosing the heat of the stoves inside a big tent or inside the yarn festival. It was a nice afternoon accompanied by coffee, mate (a popular hot drink), friends and delicious cakes and sweets that the knitters had brought to share with others.

Here you can see some photos of this beautiful day:



Iván Meresman played his violin, as he did two years ago (here). It was truly magical and very special, thank you!


Although the knit in public day event was expected to end at 6:00 pm, many of us stayed much longer and we continued knitting.


Pics: malabrigo and Escuela Roosevelt


We want to thank everyone who helped us making this day a success. The number of knitted garments exceeded our expectations and they will be delivered to the school during this week. 

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