Will My Skeins Match?

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What exactly is a dye lot? In conventional yarn dying the fiber is frequently dyed before it is even spun and they designate the large batch of fiber that they are dying with a number, the lot number. That specific color can vary from lot to lot so it is recommended that if you want your yarn to match perfectly you purchase skeins from the same lot number.

At malabrigo we hand dye the spun yarn in smaller batches and because of this colors may vary from skein to skein, even within the same dye lot. This characteristic increases in variegated colors and there are specific colorways that do not have a dye lot at all. 

For these highly variegated yarns the absorption of the dye can vary even within the same batch so the idea of dye lot doesn't apply. Each skein is has its own unique beauty and to create a multi-skein project the knitter will need to just choose the skeins that are the most similar and alternate skeins while knitting to blend the colors together. 

We have put together the following list of no dye lot colors: 


Pradera      Boreal Diana Whales Road
Arco Iris Queguay Zarzamora Primavera
Aniversario Lluvia Lotus Chuy
Indiecita Marte Pocion Mares
Piedras Salpicado Soriano Liquidambar
Archangel        Baya Electrica        Laguna Negra         
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