Visit to Escuela Roosevelt

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As we told you in a previous post, on June 10th people gathered together to knit accesories for the children of Escuela Roosevelt. This school provides complete care for children and youth with motor disabilities and associated disorders. They do an amazing job, and you can read more about it on their website.

all the knitsOn June 21th we went to visit the school, representing all the people who had gathered together to knit an accesory for them. In total they knit 159 hats and cowls! Isn't it amazing what people can do when they get together and work as a team? 

The children were waiting for us with their music teacher and sang two beautiful songs for us. We were even invited to join the singing, which of course we did!
Then it was time for the best part, for each child to choose something from the bags.

Each knitted accesory had attached a note from the person who had knit it, dedicated to the child who would receive it. 

So much love was put into these accesories and we feel very honoured to be the ones that got to deliver it to them, representing all the people that join together to knit for them. We can't wait for the next time we get to do something like this again! Thank you to everyone who participated. 

Photos by Lucía Silva


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