Tejiendo Juntos - Knitting Together

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About two months ago, Nuevocentro Shopping contacted us to collaborate with a project they were preparing for Granparents' Day, which is celebrated in June.

It consisted of donating yarn for making blankets that would be donated to Cottolengo Don Orione, a Non-Profit Civil Organization that is renowned across our country.

We decided to donate all the yarn they needed, so they could achieve their goal.

This was the campaign poster:


They prepared this video to explain the idea and to invite people to join in their knitting workshops.


During June, they held workshops for all those who wanted to participate. Some were experienced knitters or crocheters and some were beginners, but they all were "knitting together". 
Here you can see a video about the workshops and the blankets.
Nuevocentro received knitted squares from all over the country and they carefully sewed them together to make the complete yarn blankets. 
We were very happy to see the results! 
Last week we were invited to join them at Cottolengo Don Orione Femenino, where they delivered the donated blankets. 
In a Press Conference, Nuevocentro Shopping Staff presented their idea and explained the project, inviting members of the Cottolengo to tell us about their work. 
We had the chance to meet some of the women who live there and they were very happy to receive the blankets. Every week they have knitting workshops and although they have different kinds of motor skill disorders, they all try to knit some easy garments. 
Here you can see more pictures from that day: 
Nuevocentro Shopping's Marketing Staff with some of the Yarn Blankets.
We want to thank all the people who participated in this project in any way and all those who helped make this a complete success. 
As for those who received the donations, we wish that when they cuddle up to the blankets they can feel the affection of the people who knitted for them.

World Wide Knitting in Public Day at ExpoLana

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As we told you in our previous post, on Saturday June 10th, we celebrated the "World Wide Knitting in Public Day" (here)



We kicked things off at 2:00 pm at ExpoLana, and spent the afternoon knitting for the Roosevelt School and sharing one of our passions, yarn. In the pictures you can see Catherine Sochara, a very knowledgeable scientist and teacher from The Uruguayan Secretary of Wool (El Secretariado Uruguayo de la Lana SUL) who inaugurated ExpoLana by talking about the wonderful properties of wool.

We gathered around the fair, some of us enjoying the sunny day, others choosing the heat of the stoves inside a big tent or inside the yarn festival. It was a nice afternoon accompanied by coffee, mate (a popular hot drink), friends and delicious cakes and sweets that the knitters had brought to share with others.

Here you can see some photos of this beautiful day:



Iván Meresman played his violin, as he did two years ago (here). It was truly magical and very special, thank you!


Although the knit in public day event was expected to end at 6:00 pm, many of us stayed much longer and we continued knitting.


Pics: malabrigo and Escuela Roosevelt


We want to thank everyone who helped us making this day a success. The number of knitted garments exceeded our expectations and they will be delivered to the school during this week. 

Don't miss our next post!


World Wide Knitting in Public Day 2017

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For the third consecutive year, we will be participating in the World Wide Knitting in Public Day.

This year will be a little different since our celebration will take place in Expolana (See more here: http://bit.ly/2siHOI3) and we will have a booth at the yarn festival too.



Here you can read the english version of the event communication text:

“El día Mundial del Tejido en Público, also known as World Wide Knitting in Public Day, is the world's largest knitting event and takes place every year in the month of June.

Born in Australia in 2005, this event was dreamed up by designer, knitter, and researcher Danielle Landes. It began as a gathering of knitters coming together to have fun, learn, and spread awareness of their chosen art form.

Our celebration will take place in Montevideo on Saturday, June 10th from 2:00 to 6:00 pm in Expolana (http://expolana.uy/) . Men and Women of all ages will meet, armed with their needles and hooks, to spend a nice afternoon doing what we love most, knitting!

As with every year, this day will have a significant cooperatively and charitable element since all knitted garments will be donated to Roosevelt School (http://www.escuelaroosevelt.org.uy/)

Everyone is welcome! Knitters, crocheters and yarn lovers should all come and join us. If someone wants to learn, we will gladly teach the basic techniques you need to get started in this world!

There is no charge for this event and you don’t even need to bring yarn, because it is being donated by malabrigo (http://www.malabrigoyarn.com). Simply bring yourself and needles sized between 6mm and 10mm. If you do not have them, loaner needles will be available from the popular craft store Las Labores (https://www.facebook.com/LASLABORESMERCERIA).

To complete the day of togetherness, we propose you to bring something delicious to share!”




Are you in Montevideo or near? If so, please join us! We would love to meet you there. 


ExpoLana Uruguay - malabrigo

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You're probably familiar to many fiber festivals that are held all around the world, for vendors to display and sell their products. Despite Uruguay being one of the biggest exporters of wool in the world, together with Argentina, South Africa, England and Australia, we have never had our own fiber festival. Until this year.

This year, the first edition of ExpoLana Uruguay will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, and we are so happy to be able to be their sponsor.
It will be held on June 10th and 11th, celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day, and it will be all about showcasing what is being done with wool in our country. malabrigo will have its own booth showing our yarns and samples.

There will also be workshops to learn different techniques, like felt, weaving, design with circular needles, dyeing with natural dyes, spindle spinning, etc.

And then, because the knitting community is about the most generous community ever, there will be a day of knitting for others, like we have been doing for the last three years. But we'll talk more about that in another post.

This is all really exciting for the fiber community in Uruguay, and we can't wait for it to be June 10th already to be able to enjoy all the exciting things that are being done with wool in our country.

More information here: http://expolana.uy/

Nuage Blanc de l'Uruguay (White cloud from Uruguay)

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Have your heard about Nuit Blanche? It's an artistic movement that originated in Paris in the year 2002. Museums, galleries and some private collections open and are free of charge, and the center of the city provides places for art installations, such as music performances, art displays etc. [caption id="attachment_5633" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq[/caption] Through the years this celebration has expanded to other cities worldwide, arriving in the year 2011 to Uruguay, more specifically to a small town called La Floresta, a lovely beach town. This year, La Noche Blanca de La Floresta was invited to to be a part of Nuit Blanche in Paris, as the first Latin American country to be participating at this event.  Wool was chosen as the material to be used, since it represents Uruguay very well, being one of the countries with the best wool in the world. [caption id="attachment_5630" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq[/caption] The group Urban Knitting Uruguay and UdelaR (University of the Republic, more specifically the areas of Architecture, Industrial Design and Visual Communications) were invited to participate and together they elaborated various projects from which this one was chosen. [caption id="attachment_5631" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq[/caption] The idea was to build a big white cloud, made of wool, that would mix itself with the beautiful metallic structure of the historic Louis Blanc Metro station, built by Hector Guimard, and declared historic monument. unnamed Noche BlancaFrom the cloud they hang braids to simulate rain. In the spirit of making this exhibit interactive with the public, pens and cards also hung from the cloud, so that you could write down your feelings and comments about the weather, which is the central subject on which Nuit Blanche focused on this year. Noche Blanca [caption id="attachment_5628" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5627" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq Picture taken from https://www.facebook.com/Nocheblancafarq[/caption] As you can imagine a lot of wool went into this project. 100 kilos of wool, some in the form of yarn, some as top, were used in this project. Malabrigo had the honor and pleasure to participate donating some of the wool used. Noche Blanca The exhibit was a success, as you can see from the pictures. Such a lovely display and people really enjoyed participating writing small notes to share with others. Overall a wonderful experience for all! Noche BlancaNoche Blanca Noche Blanca Noche Blanca Here is a video that shows the process of creating this wonderful piece of art Are you in Paris? Did you see it? Please share any pictures you might have with us on our Facebook page!

Malabrigo in the World Wide Knit in Public

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El pasado 13 de Junio se celebró el Día Internacional del Tejido en Público (World Wide Knit in Public); Montevideo fue parte de este día y malabrigo participó y colaboró con tan lindo encuentro. On the 13th of June in Montevideo we celebrated the World Wide Knit in Public Day, and malabrigo was part of it. WP_20150613_010 La premisa planteada fue juntarse a tejer gorros y que estos fueran donados al Hogar del Bebe, una institución que desarrolla, en Uruguay, un plan para bebés y niños (desde 0 a 5 años) que se encuentran en situación de alto riesgo. Malabrigo colaboró con los hilados para desarrollar estos gorritos! Y nos encantó participar porque los resultados de los tejedores fueron excelentes! :) The goal was knitting hats, which would be donated to House of the Baby, a organization in Uruguay, which aims to improve the quality of life of little babies and children (ages 0-5 years) who are considered "high risk". Malabrigo provided all the yarns that were used, and it was great to be a part of this wonderful cause. IMG_6696 IMG_6712 Este día, tan especial, para los "fans" del tejido se festejó en un lugar, también muy particular de nuestra ciudad, la Facultad de Arquitectura (farq). El sábado a las 14 hrs el patio de la facultad comenzó a llenarse de personas, agujas, hilados, y poco a poco los primeros gorritos fueron tomando forma. We met in the School of Architecture, a beautiful and special place in our city. On Saturday the School began to fill with people, needles, and yarn, and slowly the hats were created. IMG_3627 IMG_6701 Pasamos una tarde hermosa compartiendo una pasión, pero no todo fue tejido! Cada uno de los participantes llevamos alguna cosa rica para compartir, y la mayoría eran caseras, lo podemos jurar! También tuvimos la suerte de poder escuchar a Alejandra e Iván tocando su violín y violonchelo; tejer con buena música en vivo!, qué más podíamos pedir?! :) We had a beautiful afternoon sharing our passion, but it wasn't all about the knitting! Each of the participants brought something delicious to share, and we can swear, most were home made! Also we had the privilege of listening to Iván and Alejandra, playing their violin and violoncello. Knitting with excellent music! What more can we ask? IMG_6697 IMG_6688 Otra cosa linda que pasó este día fue que participaron personas que tejían por primera vez y se fueron con su gorro terminado! Que linda sensación, tu primer gorro! Another nice thing that happened that day was that many people were knitting for the first time, and they left with their hat finished! What a special feeling, "the first hat"! IMG_6715 El sentimiento que nos quedó a todos los que participamos de este día fue realmente muy bueno! Se notaron las ganas de compartir y la buena onda de los que estábamos! Creo que todos queremos que sea Junio otra vez para poder festejar nuevamente ! Vamos a tener que organizar nuevos encuentros, ya que no vamos a aguantar hasta el próximo Junio sin tejer en público. The feeling that all the people had was lovely! We noticed the desire to share, and have a good time! I think we all want to celebrate again next year... and we must organize another meeting, because we are not going to wait until next June to knit in public. :) IMG_6716 Gracias a todos los que participaron del Día Internacional del Tejido en Público! En un próximo post les contaremos como nos fue al entregar los gorros a los niños del Hogar del Bebe. Thanks to all the participants of the World Wide Knit in Public Day! In the next post we will tell you about giving the hats to the children of the House of Baby.    

Visit to La Serena and the Malabrigo Flock

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We are pleased to announce that malabrigo is the proud owner of a flock of Merino and Corriedale sheep, who live on a ranch near our headquarters in Montevideo. Taking this step has been very important to us. We strive for sustainability and quality in all aspects of our business, and now we are able to have a direct hand in wool production from the very first step, and to ensure the humane, high-quality care of our happy little sheep. sheep2Our little flock does not cover our whole production, but it's a great show case of how the sheep that provide us with their lovely wool are bred and treated. We will talk a lot more about our flock in coming posts!  Remember the ladies that visited the mill? They also went to visit our flock that live in this lovely ranch called La Serena. La Serena is situated about 40 minutes from Punta del Este, Uruguay in an area called Piedras de Afilar. And there all the ladies went, with Tobias and Luciana keeping them company. It takes about an hour to get there from Montevideo. What do you think was the first thing they did as they arrived? See the sheep, of course! sheep! Agricultural engineer Ignacio Abella works at SUL, which is the Uruguayan Secretary of Wool, the organization that deals with everything sheep and wool here in Uruguay. Ignacio met us there at the ranch, to share his knowledge about sheep. ignacio2 Uruguayan wool is a renewable fibre, naturally produced in our pasture-based environment. The most remarkable characteristics are good staple strength and length, low vegetable matter content and high washing yield. In the yards, we were able to touch and feel those magnificent fleeces. clasificacion We saw breeding ewes of Corriedale and Merino breeds. In a couple of months they are going to be shorn before lambing and they´ll probably cut a nice bright fleece of 4-5 kilos greasy. Corriedale produce what we call “mid-micron wool” (the pullover Ignacio is wearing is knit using Corriedale wool), while Merino produce nice fine wool, with a fibre diameter of 20 microns or even less. 1 We learnt about how, by looking at the sheep's teeth, we can tell their age. The merino sheep we looked at had only 2 teeth, meaning they were born in spring of 2013. We are committed to achieve the highest standards of sheep care so we provide them with the best environment in order to produce the best quality fibre. This summer and autumn have been a bit dry, and we are waiting for some rain in order to have good improved pastures. hello sheep It was rather amazing and fun to have Ignacio tell us about the difference in breeds and how we can tell the age of a sheep, while actually having the sheep there with us, and actually be able to experience what he was telling us. By the time we had finished learning and petting the sheep, it was time for lunch. The people at La Serena had prepared for us a typical Uruguayan asado, different kinds of meet and chorizo (sausage) and also grilled vegetables. Everything was delicious! And as every good meal must be, it was all accompanied by very nice Uruguayan red and white wine ;) Yes, we have amazing wine, as well as sheep! ;) parrilla2 For dessert, Marta, a lovely lady who lives at La Serena, had prepared home-made flan with eggs from La Serena! It was  beyond words! There was Dulce de Leche to have with it, of course, no dessert in Uruguay is complete without Dulce de leche, and also another very typical dessert called Arroz con Leche, which is similar to rice pudding.flan After we finished eating it was time for a little walk around the ranch, where we got to walk among the sheep that were pasturing. 2 One of the sheep had got through the fence, the little rascal ! When Juan Pablo, the owner of La Serena, started to herd it back to the flock, the very clever sheep squeezed through the fence the same way it got out! 3 landscape All in all we spent a lovely day in nature, learning and sharing. Thank you, ladies, for spending this lovely time with us! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :)

Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio is here!

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It is with great excitement that we introduce our newest book of patterns- Malabrigo Book 6: in Cabo Polonio!


Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking a closer look at each pattern in turn here on the blog, but in the meantime here are a few snippets (and you can see all the patterns on Ravelry here!)

barcos y rocas 2 baja mar del cabo baja2 rancho y faro baja sur and fetiche baja trigo y cañada1 baja

As the title suggests, the book was shot in gorgeous Cabo Polonio in Uruguay- a beautiful, lonely, gusty beach.

Book 6 will be available in your local Malabrigo-stocking yarn store very soon (if it's not there already!)

Update: Cabo Polonio (and Uruguay overall) has been featured in Lonely Planet's Best Value Destinations for 2015! We certainly agree :-)

"How did you get the name 'Malabrigo'?"

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That's a question we get a lot! "Mal abrigo" translates roughly to "bad shelter", a curious name for a yarn company indeed.
The name comes in part from the village of Mal Abrigo in Uruguay. There are several towns of that name in South America (in other countries) but that was the one we had in mind. It is called that because it is extremely windy and back when people rode horses and needed to take shelter for the night, it was known for being a terrible place to stop.
[caption id="attachment_2944" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The real Mal Abrigo (and some of ours! Angora, specifically.)[/caption]
But we were also inspired by novelists like  Garcia Marquez, Juan Carlos Onetti, and William Faulkner, who set their novels in imaginary towns (Macondo, Santa Maria, and the towns in Yoknapatawpha County, respectively!) In our minds, Malabrigo is an imaginary and chilly place where the weather drives everyone inside to knit, and cozy wool sweaters, hats, and scarves are always useful!

Finito is coming!!

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It is our great pleasure to introduce the newest addition to the Malabrigo line of yarns: Finito!Spun from the finest merino wool in Uruguay, Finito is an incredibly soft fingering weight 2-ply yarn, perfect for lacework, delicate accessories, and luxurious garments. It will be available mid-March in a rainbow of colors- some old favorites (Archangel, Indiecita) and some brand new!
This exclusive merino is even softer than our usual wool- it is scrumptious! It is available only in very small quantities once a year, and so Finito is also available in limited quantities. Extremely fine and very limited- this yarn lives up to it's name! Snap some up before it's gone until next year! To see the full range of color options for Finito, please visit: To purchase Finito, please inquire at your local yarn store. A full list of Malabrigo stockists is available here: Locate a Store   Fingering Pure Superfine Merino wool 200 yards ( 185m) approx. 50g skein US needles #2-4 (3-3.5mm)  


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There is a group of knitters here in Uruguay, who have been gathering together every month for 3 years. They particularly like to work as a group to do charity knitting, finding different organizations to knit for, specially organizations that work for children. For over two years they have been providing their time, love and craft, and we provided some of the yarn. These pictures show the last delivery of knitted items for some of the kids "Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez" work with. Overall they delivered this time 40 hats and 40 cowls. In these almost 3 years over 200 children have been warmer and cozier and about 70 bags of malabrigo  have been  knitted thanks to the generosity of these women.

The winners at the mill!

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Magdalena Diaz and Sebastian Ifran are the winners of the finest merino producers contest, the contest that Malabrigo sponsored in Uruguay last year. The farm "Pablo Páez" is located in Cerro Largo, in the north east of Uruguay. They have worked with super fine merino wool since 1996, but have been raising wool sheep since 1980. The prize of the contest is to go to Stitches East  close to New York with us, and we are very excited to take them. Our idea is to connect the producer with the knitters or final consumers, instead of just being a middle man. We want to make sure you know who your wool is coming from! Verdict in Spanish here. A.

Malabrigo collaborates with design school in Montevideo

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Malabrigo donated wool for the last several textile design course. EUCD (University  School Designer Center) Yesterday was the parade. We were all very happy with the work. EUCD More pictures  from the fashion show here

David Nelson, American Ambassador with us!

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david2   He arrived with a delegation and take a walk around our facilities and the PTI (Technologic Industrial Park) where we are located. david1

Visits from Israel

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Mother and daughters meet in Uruguay and stop by malabrigo

49 in a day!!

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[gallery orderby="ID"] We are honored to have received 49 visitors  at the mill from the Great Balls of Yarn store -- Robin from Great  Balls of Yarn organized this amazing trip. They visited the mill, took "some" wool and even dyed their own skeins.

It was an incredible experience. Thanks for being here! Well-known knitter Nicky Epstein was among our visitors;  as you can see, she visited our "swimming wool". We had a wonderful time dyeing and sharing with you all!

More pictures at the Malabrigo  Yarns Facebook page!

From Imagiknit

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Allison from Imagiknit was here again. allisonShe visited our facility and she was looking at our test for new yarns and colors.

Malabrigo for Kids!

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Munecos, a brand-new Etsy shop, is open for business! The three-woman Uruguayan team, headed up by Monica Bacardaz, has set up an Etsy store to sell their high-quality stuffed animals. Each animal is made from Malabrigo yarns and stuffed with Corriedale, making them 100% natural wool materials. The animals are made in pieces using crochet, knitting, embroidery and sewing techniques, and assembled by hand too! Here's a picture of Monica working at home: Monica at work If you have a friend or know someone who really appreciates stuffed animals, you should certainly check out Munecos!

Chau, Hannah

Sustainable Hot Water

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At the factory, we're doing our best to decrease our environmental footprint! Our most recent addition to the mill? A flat-plate thermal heating system has been installed at the mill. Using the power of the sun, we can heat our water tanks for the various processes to make your favorite yarns. The panels are being installed on the roof of the mill, as shown below.
Solar panel installation on the roof of our building!

Uruguay Knit in Public + Malabrigo, Making a Difference

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IKiP Donations
Awhile back, we had a post about Uruguay's International Knit in Public Day, a great event for knitters to show off their skills are raise awareness about knitting to the general public. While many knitters all over the globe get together on IKiP to knit, chat, and just be friendly, the knitters in Uruguay like to knit with a purpose. Together, they managed to knit 900 garments for the orphanages in Uruguay! Many of these garments were out of Malabrigo, which was donated both for knitting with at the IKiP event, and as prizes for participants.
Children Recieving Donations
The end result was fantastic -- these 900 garments went to suit the needs of charities Guillermina and Nuevo Amancer, to be worn by children who truly need them. Yet again, another example of wool keeping not only our bodies, but our hearts warm. We can only hope that IKiP will be just as successful next year as last year -- and hopefully it won't have to be moved inside because of rain again!

Chau, Hannah

Go Uruguay GO!!

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If you've been watching the Soccer World Cup, you know that Uruguay has just made it to the top 16! Understandably, we're excited!


Eliana, Jenny, Esther, Tati, Susana and Zulma from Malabrigo Team made a flag with wool here at the factory to display our patriotic pride. Go Uruguay!


Malabrigo Awards Excellent Wool Production

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Natural Malabrigo Worsted On March 12, 2010, a very special contest, sponsored in part by Malabrigo, was announced to the wool producers of Uruguay. In an attempt to continue the developing tradition of excellent, environment and animal friendly wool in Uruguay, The Uruguayan Wool Secretary is challenging wool farmers to bring forward their most beautiful, high-quality wools for evaluation. Each wool will be judged on not only quality, but also the practice the company competing employs -- using eco-friendly processes and well-known, reputable shearers. The wool lot (or clip)  are judged for quality. The winner of the contest will receive a Grand Prize -- a trip for two to the Stitches event held in New York, October 2011! There, the winner can have a chance to market their yarns and show the excellence of Uruguayan wool to the rest of the world! Second and third place prizes will also be awarded! Winners will be announced in March of 2011 during National Merino Day.

If you're a Uruguayan wool farmer, you can read more details about the contest, in spanish, on the Secretary of Uruguayan Wool website.

Uruguayan President José "Pepe" Mujica with us.

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The president came to the PTI (Industrial Technologic Park ) where our mill is located, to see the building. Because there are many, many companies here that specialize in various types of technological and business production, the building has been selected as an ideal site for a new school of technology, where people can come and learn about various business practices and see first-hand how several around them are run. No worries - Malabrigo isn't moving, we're just getting new neighbors! pepe-en-pti Pictured are workers Vane and Toño from Malabrigo team with the President in the center. We like to think that he thought the yarn was very soft and beautiful, too!

International Knit in Public Day - Uruguay

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Knitters Knitting, Talking, Dancing....
Knitters Knitting, Talking, Dancing....
Event Poster
Event Poster

It was a rainy, rainy, day for this year's IKiP day here in Uruguay, but luckily the group of knitters who had gathered outdoors in the plaza found dry, warm solstice in one of the local businesses. They were served cups of hot soup, hot cocoa, and given sugared croissants as they spent their time knitting garments not for themselves, but for children in Uruguay who might otherwise not have wooly, warm, goodness.

This is a project that we at Malabrigo try to support every year -- this year we sent bags of our Aquarella yarn to become quick scarves, hats, sweaters and ponchos, and it was so fun to see what everyone made with them. Participating knitters had the chance to win Malabrigo yarn prizes depending on what they had in their knitting bags, how long or how many knits they made during the day, or if their name came up in the random drawings! It was a fun day for all, I think -- and the host was remarkably enthusiastic, which always helps.

The table set up where knitters could put finished objects

Afterwards, one of the hosts made sure to show us all the boxes filled with knits -- there were so many already on the table, it was surprising to see nearly four more boxes that were filled with knitted charity items. It's good to know that this winter, so many people will be warm just because of knitting!

Boxes of finished knits - Aquarella on top!
Boxes of finished knits - Aquarella on top!

Chau, Hannah

Our Intern Has Arrived!

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img_0964Hannah (Hannahbelle on Ravelry) has arrived at our Malabrigo Mill! She will be working with us for two months this winter. Hannah is helping with product development, color development and new ideas while she learns how we make the yarns. She is a knitting and fashion designer and color theorist, and knows very little spanish!

Wool of Uruguay

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We invite you to watch this video about Uruguayan wool here

International Day of Felt

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malabrigo has participated on this event. If you look at this Installation art you can find our colors there. 219 Gbi Cunha and Siv Goransson, are the artists who created the felted pieces for this work. 221 You can see the "Puerta de la Ciudadela"; this was the door of ancient fortressed first old city of Uruguay. 222 In this picture you can see on the background, views of the "Ciudad Vieja"(old city) of Montevideo. Antonio

Visits from Nevada!

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Sharon from Nevada came visiting last week, she was very excited about the yarn and about all the colors that were available at the warehouse. Mariana from the lab took her to a tour all around the mill and the warehouse, she could see how we dyed and do all the work. Sharon got a preview of all the new colors in the making and of course before she left she got herself a few bags of yarn. She came escorted by a very happy husband who ended up picking up the tab!