Update on fire at the mill

This entry was posted on 31st May, 2008 .
I want to thank you all for your messages of support, prayers and best wishes. We finally were let into the building this afternoon. I have good news and bad news. The mill is still functional, there is very little damage, and we can start working as soon as the building is open, and after we have electricity back. We hope it will take less than a month but we don’t know as the firefighters are still working on it. After that the municipality has to inspect the building and say which areas are approved and which are to be closed. But basically is a problem of when, not how. The bad news is that the offices, the lab and the warehouse are basically ruined, we may be able to recover some yarn, but most of it (among it 500 kilos of the sock on the works) is probably gone. We will have to move the warehouse, we hope we will be able to keep dyeing in the building, but that depends on what the fire department and municipality say. We think it will take us 20 to 30 days to be dyeing again, either there or at a new location. We had insurance which will help (in part) with the recovery, but nothing can pay for the time it will take us to be back in a situation where we can ship as before. Thanks again for your prayers and best wishes, I’m in a down mood right now, just to see all that wasted yarn was heartbreaking, but I hope things will start to look much better next week.
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