Twisted Strings a Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project by Amy van de Laar

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I am so excited to introduce to this incredible MFPP Colleciton that Amy van de Laar has created! It's such a stunning and amazing colleciton of accessory patterns, absolutely perfect for this time of the year.  Each of the pieces is by the decorative tracery found on Baroque string instruments. The names of the individual designs - the Dowland Wrap, Tielke Shawl, Playford Hat, Jaye Mitts, and Simpson Cowl - are borrowed from seventeenth-century composers, instrument-makers, and music teachers and publishers


Dowland Wrap

Dowland Wrap:

Amy says, "Named for the composer John Dowland, famous for his melancholy songs and instrumental works for viols, the Dowland Wrap is a dramatic rectangular wrap featuring a central cable panel flanked by contrasting garter stitch."

This wrap is worked in Dos Tierras in Azul Profundo. 

Jaye Mitts

Jaye Mitts:

According to Amy, these mitts are "named for the viol-maker Henry Jaye, this pair of fingerless mitts features a delicately intertwining cable motif, and simple twisted cables on the palms representing the strings of musical instruments."

These are worked in Sock in Teal Feather. 

Playford Hat

Playford Hat:

Amy says, "The Playford Hat, named for the music publisher and bookseller John Playford, is knit in the round from the bottom up in a delicate all-over cable pattern following the twining lines, hearts, and flourishes inscribed on a Baroque violin. "

This hat is knit in Arroyo on Borraja.

Simpson Cowl


The Simpson Cowl, named for viol-player and composer Christopher Simpson, is a short cowl worked in the round featuring an all-over pattern of intertwining cable motifs.This piece is worked on Washted on Pearl.

Tielke Shawl


Tielke Shawl:

Amy says, "The Tielke Shawl, named for a family of musical instrument makers, is an asymmetric triangular shawl featuring a garter stitch ground and a cable panel which flows from simple twisted cables, representing the strings of musical instruments, into a complex intertwining motif."

This shawl is a quick knit, worked in Washted (a worsted weight!) on Sunset. 

The ebook is avaible here: 

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