The Breeze Collection a Crochet MFPP from Elena Fedotova

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The journey from sketched proposals to finished pieces is one of the most exciting parts of working with independent designers. Seeing how their ideas translate into a real world crafted item that can be worn is endlessly surprising. When we asked the amazing designer Elena Fedotova if she would be interested in creating a crocheted collection for the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project, her sketches were full of interesting promise. But the resulting collection? Nothing prepared me for how beautiful each and every piece would be. We couldn't be happier with these gorgeous crocheted patterns and hope you will love them as much as we do.

For the descriptions of each piece, I feel that Elena's words speak much better than mine ever could, so I'm turning this post over to her!

The Breeze Collection is a set of five crochet designs united by the common theme of a gentle drape and breezy mood thanks to a touch of lace in each of their stitch patterns. Though united in theme, each pattern in this collection has its own unique feature.

Sandpiper will probably surprise you with how little time it takes to crochet such a big garment (spoiler: very quickly!). The yarn, Rios (in Sandbank), makes this possible and the stitch pattern and gauge balance the yarn's weight to create a drapey comfortable sweater.

Ozone will amaze you with its rich texture created using only the simplest crochet stitches. Worsted (in Water Green), which is a buttery-soft single-ply yarn with great stitch definition, is perfect for highlighting this texture.

Anemone will restore your faith in crochet discovery: there are still many crochet stitch patterns and combinations waiting to be invented and explored. The star stitch used in this design highlights the beauty of the color variegation of Arroyo (in Reflecting Pool).

Waters will inspire your inner artist, an aesthete, and a perfectionist, in the way the colors blend beautifully one into the other like watercolors while using a colorwork method that leaves no leftovers. This design is worked in Malabrigo Lace held double, which becomes an ideal weight for a shawl and allows for the creation of a smooth color gradient (Water Green, Blue Surf, Jewel Blue, Indigo).

Suncatcher is all about relaxed regular crochet with a little smart touch to its edging. The edging uses a two-story stitch which allows one row to mimic the look of two rows and achieve that super-spiky look. The colorway, Ochre (on Sock), is absolutely amazing and looks very natural and smooth even in tall crochet stitches.

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