Tejiendo Juntos - Knitting Together

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About two months ago, Nuevocentro Shopping contacted us to collaborate with a project they were preparing for Granparents' Day, which is celebrated in June.

It consisted of donating yarn for making blankets that would be donated to Cottolengo Don Orione, a Non-Profit Civil Organization that is renowned across our country.

We decided to donate all the yarn they needed, so they could achieve their goal.

This was the campaign poster:


They prepared this video to explain the idea and to invite people to join in their knitting workshops.


During June, they held workshops for all those who wanted to participate. Some were experienced knitters or crocheters and some were beginners, but they all were "knitting together". 
Here you can see a video about the workshops and the blankets.
Nuevocentro received knitted squares from all over the country and they carefully sewed them together to make the complete yarn blankets. 
We were very happy to see the results! 
Last week we were invited to join them at Cottolengo Don Orione Femenino, where they delivered the donated blankets. 
In a Press Conference, Nuevocentro Shopping Staff presented their idea and explained the project, inviting members of the Cottolengo to tell us about their work. 
We had the chance to meet some of the women who live there and they were very happy to receive the blankets. Every week they have knitting workshops and although they have different kinds of motor skill disorders, they all try to knit some easy garments. 
Here you can see more pictures from that day: 
Nuevocentro Shopping's Marketing Staff with some of the Yarn Blankets.
We want to thank all the people who participated in this project in any way and all those who helped make this a complete success. 
As for those who received the donations, we wish that when they cuddle up to the blankets they can feel the affection of the people who knitted for them.
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