See It Knit - Cadmium

This entry was posted on 27th September, 2011 .

Does anything glow so brightly as sunshine? As the northern hemisphere turns to look towards autumnal rays of light shining through bright yellow and red leaves, the southern hemisphere is beginning to celebrate the bright sun of early spring. It seems like the whole world is awash in color and light right now -- and what better way to celebrate the change of seasons (and sustain yourself for a long winter, if you must), with your own slice of sunshine? The yellow of Cadmium is clean, bright, and clear - sure to have you walking on sunshine wherever you go.

Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks by Morgen Dammerung, knit by ColdjustoPiou-Piou Petit Poussin by IceTigerIshbel by Ysolda Teague, knit by unraveling; Cadmium Beanie by Grumpygirl

-- Hannah & Veronica

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