Popular on Instagram for September 2017

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I just know i'm going to keep saying this until the end of the year or kingdom come, but can you believe it's October already?! Are you prepping up for Halloween?

This month there is a great variety on the top 5! From sweaters to handspun, so enjoy!


agatitams Malabrigo Herringbone Cowl

Big Herringbone Cowl by Purl Soho, knitted by agatitam, using malabrigo Rios in Lavanda.


Kells by Lucy Hague

Kells by Lucy Hague, using malabrigo Arroyo in Reflecting Pool, Regatta Blue and Glitter.


Jayare83's Range

Range by Andrea Mowry, knitted by Jayare83, using malabrigo Rios in Natural, Teal Feather, Glitter and Sunset.



Picture posted to Instagram by @nitochki_v_korzinochke, showing skeins of malabrigo Rios in Arco Iris.


Hitchhikergals Malabrigo Nubemalabrigo Nube in Pocion handspun by Hitchhikergal

What do you think? 

See you next month to see what October has for us!


We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

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