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We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

For July, these are the top five:

Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes, knitted by @agatitam

agatitam's version of Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes using malabrigo Sock in the Ivy colorway.


Aurora Borealis by Svetlana Gordon.

Aurora Borealis by Svetlana Gordonusing malabrigo Mechita in the Teal Feather, Aniversario and Diana colorways.


Semele by Åsa Tricosa, knitted by donnarossa

Close up of donnarossa's version of Semele by Åsa Tricosa, using malabrigo Sock in the Archangel colorway.


Gideon by Melissa Schaschwary, knitted by cfsoren.

Close up of cfsoren's version of Gideon by Melissa Schaschwaryusing malabrigo Rios in the Jupiter and Glitter colorways.


Alexandra Shawl by Dee O'Keefe knitted by Kunibert

Kunibert's version of Alexandra Shawl by Dee O'Keefe, using malabrigo Finito in the Mostaza colorway.


We hope you like it and look forward for August will show!


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