Pellet fuel at malabrigo

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Malabrigo yarn has taken another step to becoming a greener company. We’ve been using Solar Energy to heat the water used for dyeing the yarns for a while, but now we have migrated the majority of our
traditional solutions to another renewable form of energy: Wood Pellets!

Wood Pellets are small tubular organic particles formed with compressed sawdust and other industrial by-products, such runoff waste wood would otherwise go to waste if they were not used to form wood pellets.
They are composed of 100% biological materials from industrial waste which are responsibly recycled, without chemical binding agents or dangerous additives.
Wood Pellets have many environmental benefits over more traditional heating solutions from fossil fuels, while still being able to produce similar levels of energy. They burn cleaner than normal logs or
chips too.

Further benefits including enhanced work site conditions and worker health through cleaner burning fuels. This is generally accepted as a clean form of energy as trees can be easily replanted to replace the CO2 produced when burnt so long as additional wood isn’t harvested in order to produce wood pellets. Burning wood pellets also releases fewer carbon emissions than if the trees were left to decompose in forests.  

Our change to this form of renewable energy marks just the latest of our steps to becoming a more sustainable company and is a part of our commitment to continue towards a cleaner, greener future.

If you want to learn more about wood pellet energy you can follow any of the links below:

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