Treillage Cowl by Jennifer Emslie

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Here you can see a new pattern that we have recently prepared for a brochure.


Treillage cowl is a quick proyect to knit in your first steps or to create a beautiful last minute gift. 

As winter is coming, it's time to prepare and knit our garments and accesories for the season. 

Perfect as a complement of a casual and trendy look. 

This sample was knitted in Teal Feather colorway, but you can try it in any of the malabrigo rasta colors!


You can find the free pattern here

We would love to see your project! Happy knitting!. 


Popular on Instagram for August 2017

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Another month has gone by and it's already September. Can you believe it? 

This month the most liked photos on our Instagram feed are mostly closeups, which I find very interesting! 

For August we took the top six, because two of them were really close, and an extra beauty to look at can never be a bad thing, right?

Geodesic Cowl by Emily O'Brien knitted by kittywithacupcakeGeodesic Cowl by Emily O'Brien, knitted by kittywithacupcake using malabrigo Arroyo in Indiecita 

Lilian by Suvi Simola, knitted by knit-tweedLilian by Suvi Simola, knitted by knit-tweed using malabrigo Rios in Piedras.

Stormy Sky Shawl by Life Is Cozy, knitted by RiverPoet

Stormy Sky Shawl by Life Is Cozy, knitted by RiverPoet, using malabrigo Mechita in Mandragora.

Skeins! malabrigo Rios in Diana colorway. Pic by @hazisafranyPicture posted to Instagram by @hazisafrany, showing skeins of malabrigo Rios in Diana.

Nimm was da ist / Take whats there by Florentine
Nimm was da ist / Take whats there by Florentine, using malabrigo Mechita in Diana and malabrigo Sock in Azules.

Rollick by Sara Gresbach

Rollick by Sara Gresbach using malabrigo Worsted in Rhodesian

What do you think? 

See you next month to see what September brought!


We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

Bryce Canyon Cowl by Courtney Mussatt

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Here you can see one of the patterns we have recently prepared for brochures.

We take them to the fairs for those who visit our booth and want to be the first to know our news and products. 



The Bryce Canyon cowl is knit in the round and uses one skein of light fingering malabrigo yarn, perfect for that single skein you can’t decide how to use. The slipped stitch pattern shows off variegated and multi-color colorways as the slipped stitch contrasts against the background. This is a great pattern for a beginning knitter as it primarily requires only the slipping of stitches, in addition to the knit and purl stitches.


This picture was taken during the photoshoot. 
Model: Jessica Benitez
Photographer: Mauricio Pizard
Producer: Luciana (malabrigo team)

If you like this pattern and want to knit it , you can find it here: Bryce Canyon Cowl


Happy knitting!


Popular in Instagram for July 2017

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We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

For July, these are the top five:

Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes, knitted by @agatitam

agatitam's version of Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes using malabrigo Sock in the Ivy colorway.


Aurora Borealis by Svetlana Gordon.

Aurora Borealis by Svetlana Gordonusing malabrigo Mechita in the Teal Feather, Aniversario and Diana colorways.


Semele by Åsa Tricosa, knitted by donnarossa

Close up of donnarossa's version of Semele by Åsa Tricosa, using malabrigo Sock in the Archangel colorway.


Gideon by Melissa Schaschwary, knitted by cfsoren.

Close up of cfsoren's version of Gideon by Melissa Schaschwaryusing malabrigo Rios in the Jupiter and Glitter colorways.


Alexandra Shawl by Dee O'Keefe knitted by Kunibert

Kunibert's version of Alexandra Shawl by Dee O'Keefe, using malabrigo Finito in the Mostaza colorway.


We hope you like it and look forward for August will show!


Malabrigo Book Nine: Niños!

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Ninos_-1 We are thrilled to introduce our first book of children’s garments and accessories! Ranging in sizes from toddler to ‘tween, Niños contains 19 colorful patterns by 9 fantastic designers, including Alicia Plummer, Justine Turner, Sara Gresbach, Terri Kruse, Elena Nodel, Kelly Herdrich, and Raya Budrevich, Joji Locatelli, and Rebecca Danger. With a focus on our superwash yarns, kids will love the fun designs and no-itch wools, and parents will love the easy washability! Here are just a few peeks: _AFC3934_medium _AFC4041_medium2 _AFC4094_medium2 _AFC3925_medium2 _AFC3728_medium2 You can check out all the patterns over on Ravelry. The book is available to retailers now- inquire at your local Malabrigo stockist!

Queimada Shawlette por Trelly Hernandez

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Queremos compartir con ustedes un nuevo diseño que Trelly Hernandez desarrolló para malabrigo. El Chal está realizado con malabrigo sock, combinando dos bonitos colores, Primavera y Corcovan. Lo genial de este patrón, a demás de su diseño, es que está en dos idiomas! Español e ingles! malabrigo movida hispana sigue dando lindas sorpresas! :) We want to share with you a new design that Trelly Hernandez developed to malabrigo. This Shawl was made with malabrigo sock combining two beautiful colors, Primavera y Corcovan. The great of this pattern, besides the design, it is that it was written in two languages, spanish and english.
_MG_8273 Queimada Shawlette, Trelly Hernandez, Sock, Primavera y Corcovan.
Lo puedes descargar en los links debajo, tanto en su versión en español como en ingles. You can download below, in both versions, spanish and english. QUEIMADA SHAWLETTE_spanish version QUEIMADA SHAWLETTE_english version  

Libro 5, en Soho, ahora en español.

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Queremos compartir con ustedes algo en lo que venimos trabajando hace unos meses, nuestro primer libro traducido al español, el Libro 5, en Soho. Crece nuestra movida hispana!
Libro 5, en Soho. Libro 5, en Soho.
Para quienes compararon el Libro 5, y quisieran tener todos los patrones traducidos al español, este es el momento! Solo tienen que pasar por la tienda donde adquirieron su libro y allí se les proporcionará esta traducción.
Libro 5, en Soho. Bufanda Houston en malabrigo Rios, color Jupiter. Libro 5, en Soho. Bufanda Houston en malabrigo Rios, color Jupiter.
Queremos agradecer especialmente a Trelly Hernandez, quien realizó la traducción de este libro, y también a Marta Ocampo quien se encargó de su maquetación. Esperamos que esta noticia les parezca tan buena como a nosotros!

Book 7: Rasta in Brooklyn!

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cover Yes I know we just announced Book 6, but, surprise! Book 7 is here as well! This book is another collaboration with the folks over at Vogue Knitting (as was Book 5, "In Soho".) This book is completely centered around the one and only RASTA! These patterns are quick, colorful, and oh so cozy. Just a few peeks at what's inside:
Bushwick Bushwick
Columbia Waterfront Columbia Waterfront
The Heights The Heights
Gowanus Gowanus
You can browse all the patterns on Ravelry, here! The book is currently available in LYSes where Malabrigo is sold (and if you don't have one nearby, some online LYSes are stocking it as well.)

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Lobos, Mar del Cabo, and Mejilliones

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Our very last Malabrigo Book 6: in Cabo Polonio pattern feature post! We're doing three this time - Lobos, Mar del Cabo, and Mejilliones! lobos baja Lobos by Malia Mather are looooong chevron mittens- no gap between the mitts and coat sleeves here! They are a fun take on "opera gloves" (you know, those long elegant satiny gloves)... opera mittens! They feature turned hems with matching thumbs and fingertips, knit in several colors of Rios. chevroncrop   mar del cabo baja mar del cabo baja2 Mar del Cabo by Ysolda Teague is a delight to wear in cozy Twist. A textured stitch pattern adds just a touch of detail to the hem, collar, and down the sleeve, while the stockinette body makes it nice and quick to knit. (Unfortunately I don't have snapshots of this one!)   mejillones baja 2 mejillones baja Mejilliones is another great cowl by Breean Elyse Miller! This time in Rastita, which is held double with rotating colors to create a gradient effect. This one would be a lot of fun to experiment with- the possibilities for color combinations are endless. Stick with tone-on-tone for a similar gradient, or go buckwild and see what happens! malbookprojects24   And that's a wrap! Thanks for joining us as we took a closer look at each pattern. One last time:  Malabrigo Book 6: in Cabo Polonio can be found wherever Malabrigo yarn is sold, so check your local yarn store!

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Estrellas and Majuga

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For today's Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio pattern feature, we're taking a closer look at Estrellas and Majuga! estrellas baja estrellas1 baja Estrellas, designed by Elisa McLaughlin (a headband whiz for sure!) is a darling little stranded headwrap in Rastita. Nice and wide to keep your ears warm, it buttons at the nape of your neck with a little strap. The edging can be worn out, or folded under for a tidy rolled-in look. malbookprojects50crop majuga 1 baja majuga baja Majuga, by Joji Locatelli, really makes the most of the colorful Arco Iris colorway in Rios! I remember Joji emailing to tell me that she'd found the most perfect, vibrant dyelot at her yarn store- and she wasn't lying! The gorgeous textured stitch pattern is perfect for such a variegated yarn. I don't have snapshots of this one, as Joji lives near the Malabrigo headquarters and sent it directly there, but you can peek at her project page on Ravelry ;-) Almost done! Just one more feature post to go.

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Rancho and Faro

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Today's featured patterns from Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio are Faro and Rancho! faro baja Faro, designed by Veera Välimäki, is a cabled swing cardigan in cozy Twist yarn, in Manzanilla Olive and Lettuce (a curious-sounding salad, but hey, it looks good!) The top half of the body is worked first, from the top down, and the horizontal cabled swing panel is worked side to side and attached as you go. (Unfortunately I don't have any snapshots of this one- they came out blurry! Oops!) rancho y faro bajarancho baja rancho baja1 Rancho is a fun Stephen West creation- a crazy, chunky, short-row-sy asymmetrical cowl that can be worn as a vest or up over your head as a hood (also in Twist!) I had fun experimenting with this one to find the best ways to wear it...and apparently making silly faces. hoodthing Back soon with more pattern features! In the meantime, you can find Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio at your local yarn store :-)

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Aguaviva and Angelito

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Today we're looking at Aguaviva and Angelito from Malabrigo Book 6: in Cabo Polonio! aguaviva baja aguaviva1 baja Aguaviva is a Silky Merino shawlette by Joji Locatelli, with a patterned center section, solid "wings" and a scallop trim. I don't have any snapshots of this one - Joji lives closer to the Malabrigo factory than to me, so she just sends her designs straight to them instead- but she did send me a few snaps: SONY DSC Turquoise pics (3)   angelito baja angelito baja 1 Angelito is by (*gulp*) me! I hadn't planned on having a pattern in the book, but Antonio requested that we sneak in a Rasta cowl at the last minute, so I was on the case! Imagine my surprise when it ended up on the cover- whoa! I do have some crappy snapshots of this one but given the excellent close-up, I don't think they would add anything, heh. We're about halfway through the patterns of  Malabrigo Book 6: in Cabo Polonio! Stay tuned for more, and if you're looking for the book, you should be able to get it through a LYS that carries our yarns :-)

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Juncos and Calavera

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Today our Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio featured patterns are Juncos and Calavera! juncos and calavera baja juncos and calavera1 baja First, Calavera! Fans of SpillyJane can probably pick out these mittens a mile away! Jane lent her considerable mitten expertise to our collection with these finger-warming op-art masterpieces: calacrop2 calacrop1 (Apologies for the slightly blurry and over-exposed pictures! These are just some quick snapshots from when I was working on the styling.) These fabulously bright colors are Water Green and Bergamota in Merino Worsted- love the combination! I think of Juncos (by Breean Elyse Miller) as a sister pattern to Sur, and I'm sure you can see why- similar theory, different yarn, color scheme, and type of neckwarmer! Juncos is a double-thick mobius cowl in Merino Worsted (in a whole host of colors!) juncoscrop malbookprojects32c 2 more down, 9 to go! In the meantime you can find Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio at your local Malabrigo-carrying yarn shop!      

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Sur and Fetiche

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Today, we're looking at Fetiche and Sur from Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio! fetische sur and fetiche baja sur and fetiche1 baja Fetiche is a pair of bold, bright, slightly-fishnetted ankle socks by designer Star Athena! They are knit in Sock, in the Light of Love colorway. Unorthodox though it might be, I love these with heels- sort of a cheeky retro pin-up vibe! If you're going to take the time to knit your own socks, might as well make them the star, right? (I don't have any "Alex's-shapshots" of these that are more close-up than that picture up top, so we'll skip that for these!) Sur is a complex (but not complicated to knit) and gorgeous scarf by Breean Elyse Miller. It is a sister pattern to Juncos (which we'll look at in a different post.) Sur is knit with one of our newest yarns, Silkpaca- a laceweight blend of silk and alpaca (of course!) The yarn is held doubled for faster knitting, and the scarf is knitted as a tube so that it's twice as warm- given the materials, this is a very cozy scarf indeed, without the bulk. malbookprojects13crop malbookprojects28crop Tune in next time for more Book 6 Pattern features! Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio is available (or will be soon) anywhere that Malabrigo yarn is sold :-)

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Trigo and Cañada

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Moving along with our individual pattern features for Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio! Today we have Trigo and Cañada (Spanish for "glen" or "ravine" - not the country! Though merino scarves are certainly useful there.) Trigo y Cañada baja trigo y cañada1 baja Trigo is another gorgeous pattern by Malia Mather. "Trigo" is Spanish for "wheat" and you can see how it got its name! It's knit in Arroyo, in Glitter (one of my absolute favorite colorways) and Sand Bank. malbookprojects43 Cañada is by the inimitable Stephen West, and in usual West-ian fashion there is a lot going on and it's all fabulous. The cowl is actually a mobius, textured and eyeletted in the center with reversible braid-cables on either edge. It's knit in Finito in Mostaza (another favorite of mine!) It's fully reversible- always a huge plus when you're wearing a mobius strip! canadacrop That's it for now- more patterns to come! Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio is now available in yarn stores in the US and (soon) elsewhere!

Book 6 Pattern Feature: Barcos and Rocos

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Now that Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio is beginning to show up in LYSes, we thought it'd be fun to give a little individual attention to all of the awesome designs (and designers!) Starting with these two: Barcos and Rocos! barcos baja barcos y rocas 2 baja Barcos is a stranded colorwork cowl in fluffy Merino Worsted, by designer Elisa McLaughlin.  In the book, there are close-ups of the picture above, but I thought it might be worth sharing some of the photos I took of the samples as they passed through my hands last summer (if you can forgive my amateur technique and messy backgrounds!): barcoscrop I love the bright orange with the neutral backdrop! Rocos is a rather exquisitely-detailed set of tall legwarmers- perfect for wearing with skirts on a chilly day (or a blustery beach!) They are designed by Malia Mather (who owns an adorable yarn shop in Amsterdam, in case you're ever in the area!) rocascloseup Rocas are knit with four shades of Sock- the fact that they coordinate so well with Barcos was serendipity, but you could have an awful lot of fun coming up with color schemes for these! Love the tiny picot hems. Stay tuned for more pattern features as we work our way through Book 6! In the meantime, keep an eye out for the book at your local Malabrigo retailer/LYS!