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This entry was posted on 4th February, 2014 .
While we're no slave to color trends (I say Emerald is just as beautiful this year as it was last year!) it's always fun to see what the Pantone reports indicate will be popular each year. With the new Spring 2014 report out, we thought it'd be fun to go swatch-diving and see what Malabrigo colorways fit the bill!  
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pantonesmall Top row: Worsted in "Blue Surf", "Water Green", "Applewood", and "Garnet", Rastita in "Sabidura"
Bottom row: Chunky in "Periwinkle", Silky Merino in "Cape Cod Gray", Worsted in "Sauterne", Lace in "Glazed Carrot", Lace in "Buscando Azul"
  (I thought it was funny that "Paloma" is one of the Pantone colors...but our colorway "Paloma" wasn't quite the best match for it, haha. Close, though!)  
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Or perhaps you're in love with the "Color of the Year", Radiant Orchid. We've got ya covered:
Row 1: Lace in Row 1: Lace in "Brisa", Worsted in "Orchid", Silky Merino in "Wisteria", Silkpaca in "Damask", Arroyo in Borraja.
Row 2: Lace in "Orchid", Rastita in "Sabidura", Silkpaca in "Hollyhock", Nube in "Sabidura", Worsted in "Velvet Grapes".
Row 3: Silky Merino in "Plum Blossom", Worsted in "Hollyhock", Mecha in "Borraja", Rasta in "Baya Electrica", Mecha in "Paysandu".
Row 4: Rios in "Lotus", Worsted in "Purple Magic", Lace in "Cuarzo", Gruesa in "Polygala", Sock in "Violeta Africana.
I have to say, this Orchid stuff is starting to grow on me. Though, dear Pantone powers-that-be, for consideration for 2015, I'd like to submit my BFF Frank. Huh? How 'bout it? #FrankOchre4life


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