2019 New Year New Color

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Every year the color experts over at Pantone look into their crystal ball and predict a "Color of the Year". When they annouced that the color for 2019 was Living Coral it set our creative wheels in motion, we were inspired!

We decided to work with Rios because, well, we all love Rios and it is such a wonderful yarn to work with we thought it would be a perfect match. As always, it takes time to develop a color until it is perfect enough to bear the Malabrigo name; and then we have to produce enough of it so that you will be able to find it in your favorite LYS. 

But we wanted to share some initial photos with you all first thing in the new year so that you can start planning what you will create with our beautiful new color CORAL! Your very own squishy skeins of this amazing hue will hit the stores in late February of 2019 - so be on the look out and reserve some time on your needles and hooks!

Jump into Malabrigo March

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What is Malabrigo March?

March Means Malabrigo Madness! Seriously… madness. The crazy members of our Ravelry group, The Malabrigo Junkies, get together every March to participate in this mad event which is ALL ABOUT Malabrigo’s yarns. We are junkies and we’re not afraid to celebrate our addiction. We cast on all the things and have light competition to see who can do it all… it’s about the group’s love for the yarns that the Malabrigo company has produced.

Raveler lisknits's Latvian Team Hat Jayhawk Stylein worsted

There’s a backstory though: Ages ago, the Ravelry page dedicated to all the yarns which have been added to their database used to have a “Top Ten” list which essentially showed the top yarns based on projects which used them. We junkies desperately wanted to get Malabrigo Worsted on that list and our original moderators cooked up the idea to have a month-long event to see if we could do it. It worked too! I think we managed to get Worsted into the top three!

Raveler Melibe's Experimental Hat in Rios

What has evolved is a party of sorts, where we still try to cast on as many projects as possible, we sometimes focus on a particular base (usually whatever is most recently released) and sometimes try to spread the love around ALL the bases. We create a list of “alongs” (knit, crochet, weaving, spinning – this year’s set includes some designer-specific, as well as pattern-specific ones) and everyone finds a place to hangout and chat about what they are doing. We swatch before hand to see what works…we create contests to challenge ourselves (what’s the best use of variegated, who can make something for every body-part in one month? Can you design and produce a new pattern in a month? etc.) we make lists of all the things we would like to cast on in March (and then sometimes April becomes the WIP after-party of finishing!) and we cheerlead each other as we go!

Raveler JWiesel's Mal March Warm Weave Cowl in Worsted

We love meeting (and making) new Malabrigo junkies and welcome all who want to come play with us! It’s never too late to join!

Details: Malabrigo March started on March 1 but you have plenty of time to jump in! You can cast on as many projects as you would like between now and March 31 at 11:59pm. Participation and prizes (generously donated by the Malabrigo Company) are for members only, so don’t delay… join today! :D

September Calendar

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Can you believe it's almost September? Isn't that crazy? This year is going by so fast !

In case you hadn't notice, we have a new section on our website, the Calendar, where we put up the events we will be participating in, like trunk shows, fiber festivals, etc.. 

Some fun things are happening in September that we wanted to tell you about.

On September 2nd, Jessie At Home and Royal Rabbit Vineyards in Parkton, Maryland are teaming up to bring you a yarn and wine tasting, and malabrigo is a sponsor of this fun event.

Yarn and Wine Tasting at Jessie at homeYou will be able to try out different yarns and notions, and taste some good wine. Please, plan ahead and bring a designated driver!   You can read more about this event here.


Trunk Shows

We currently have four trunk shows touring the country: there are three large shows that feature pieces from our most recent books, including books 10 & 11 alongside select classics from earlier books. There is also a mini-trunk show, a smaller version of the larger shows, to give you a tantalizing taste of malabrigo!

These are the trunk shows dates and locations for September:

Trunk Show 1: September 15, 2017 Yarn Charm

Trunk Show 2: September 15, 2017 Woolly and Co, MI

Trunk Show 3: September 15, 2017 Ben Franklin Crafts WI

We’d love to make your LYS our next stop. If you’re interested in scheduling a show, please email us at admin@malabrigoyarn.com.


Escuela Nº50 de Durazno

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A while ago, ANEP, the National Association of Elementary School, invited us to participate in a special event that was going to be held at Escuela Nº50 in Durazno. 

School signIn Uruguay each public school has a number, as well as a name. This school is located in the department of Durazno, which is in the very center of our country.

Front of the school

The project consisted of a group of artisans called Artesanas Las Abejitas teaching the children how to weave, using our yarns.

learning to weavelearning to weave


learning to weave

What a wonderful opportunity to be a small part in introducing the children to this ancient technique, thus keeping traditions alive. Thank you for letting us be a small part of this project.

the team

Visit to Escuela Roosevelt

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As we told you in a previous post, on June 10th people gathered together to knit accesories for the children of Escuela Roosevelt. This school provides complete care for children and youth with motor disabilities and associated disorders. They do an amazing job, and you can read more about it on their website.

all the knitsOn June 21th we went to visit the school, representing all the people who had gathered together to knit an accesory for them. In total they knit 159 hats and cowls! Isn't it amazing what people can do when they get together and work as a team? 

The children were waiting for us with their music teacher and sang two beautiful songs for us. We were even invited to join the singing, which of course we did!
Then it was time for the best part, for each child to choose something from the bags.

Each knitted accesory had attached a note from the person who had knit it, dedicated to the child who would receive it. 

So much love was put into these accesories and we feel very honoured to be the ones that got to deliver it to them, representing all the people that join together to knit for them. We can't wait for the next time we get to do something like this again! Thank you to everyone who participated. 

Photos by Lucía Silva


Introducing Dos Tierras

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We are so excited to introduce you to our newest yarn base, called Dos Tierras, a special blend of  Merino and Alpaca.

Dos Tierras
As you know, all the merino wool we use for our yarns come from Uruguayan sheep, but some of this wool is processed and manufactured in Peru, while another part is still processed and manufactured in our homeland, Uruguay. We created Dos Tierras, which means Two Lands, as homage to these two beautiful countries. By spinning together 50% of our fine Uruguayan Merino wool with 50% baby alpaca from Peru, we have created a DK weight yarn that is as versatile as it is beautiful. The 4-ply structure of the yarn gives a great stitch definition to show off texture, and gives a wonderful drape to your finished garments.

You can find this base in 22 of our kettle-dyed semi-solid and variegated colors, with which you can create the perfect palette to help show off the finished object of your favorite craft.

dos tierras collage

We have prepared a collection using this yarn, working with 5 designer who came up with these lovely designs. You can find the collection on ravelry here or by clicking on the images. Each pattern is sold individually.

Dos Tierras Collection

Designs using Dos Tierras

We hope you like our new base much as we do, and we can’t wait to see all the marvelous things you create with it!

malabrigo Giveaway Winners !

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Here are the winners of our Mechita test skeins!

  • 835 loppister
  • 589 joanif
  • 1759 owlcrazihandworks
  • 888 mariaroseshanahe
  • 1921 dkkopp
  • 1704 aknitterlybookworm
  • 228 kittywithacupcake
  • 666 miriam_un_raconet_de_fils
  • 1052 purlandstych


Congratulations! Thank you so much to all who participated.

malabrigo Giveaway

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Thank you all so much for participating in our giveaway. We loved reading all your comments and good words about our brand and products.

The contest is closed and here are all the names of participants.

Please check your assigned number and if your Instagram name is written correctly.
If you find any mistake or names that apprear more than once, please let us know at cm@malabrigoyarn.com before Sunday 13th at 12pm.


1 mayor_of_coffeetown 1001 bloomhandmadestudio
2 knitforaqueen 1002 pagama147
3 petuniabutt 1003 yksityisallan
4 punkrockrainbow 1004 wmh302
5 jennifer_haydon 1005 spillthesunshine
6 hannah13banana 1006 marinabarbati
7 katya.macdo 1007 nollie523
8 jmnishihara 1008 yknotebooks
9 librarianh2o 1009 knitchick83
10 bakanekosan 1010 christina.wav
11 paulawessells 1011 snealmade
12 miriam_design_studio 1012 corinnarella23
13 lthetattoodlady 1013 york109
14 nurse_knitter 1014 kerith89
15 birds.wool 1015 redbeautytextiles
16 class5knits 1016 helle_brixen
17 jenortizmakes 1017 migihandmade
18 iakee6404 1018 cassandramzibell
19 isibinni 1019 magicsock
20 wssue 1020 ersmer
21 loverofthelight89 1021 minditreu9
22 gogrowlove 1022 melissa_sue1982
23 mathildedeloubes 1023 janscraftycrochet
24 noonle 1024 marthawhite1234
25 bunnicula_ 1025 madanaro
26 thenewenglandgal 1026 cdotpeck
27 luanneknits 1027 eraknits
28 pcnky 1028 lindsr2
29 zefire_knit 1029 jenhixon
30 haleyhups 1030 pstopar
31 kunklebaby 1031 chickenhound
32 jendhi 1032 mamatcha
33 mstgt91 1033 krosserertholmene
34 jennerlf 1034 heropup611
35 darcyljwhite 1035 momma_pal
36 june.woodward 1036 kvts2004
37 cookier293 1037 foxpawcrafts
38 shutupandsmile21 1038 avocadolove
39 insomniacknitter 1039 drgnflywings
40 shepnatasha 1040 birch.grove
41 vir.ginie.13 1041 the_kelsoh
42 lary1405 1042 jaciefalko
43 whahapind 1043 barbara_cudia
44 mountainroseknits 1044 olgaputano
45 eskyria 1045 cabdellant
46 avidknits 1046 yarnloversnet
47 lindleyruth 1047 trikanto
48 inedelvaux 1048 marin__jane
49 nlwahlund 1049 dansksvenskme
50 nelli2010 1050 jandaia_isa
51 henleylucy 1051 inthefleece
52 mrsjennyanydots 1052 purlandstych
53 whitball 1053 linnabears
54 akemis11 1054 wjane_may
55 vanessafdezm 1055 antiqwitty
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62 the.sourcerer 1062 and_dream_of_sheep
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135 thecomicbookheroine 1135 mouseknits
136 gillyflower72 1136 red.dandelion
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138 xpamx99 1138 christlkeller
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140 deepblueknits 1140 talulagomez
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145 aravis_moore 1145

Lambing time at La Serena

This entry was posted on 11th August, 2016 .
You might remember from an earlier post, when we introduced you to the Malabrigo flock, who lives at La Serena.
Malabrigo Flock at La Serena Malabrigo Flock at La Serena
Spring is coming and we wanted to talk to you a little bit about lambing season. 
Malabrigo Flock at La Serena Malabrigo Flock at La Serena
During August and September, many of the sheep in our flock give birth to cute little lambs, and we want to share this beautiful experience with you. We hope you like it! Credits: Line producer: malabrigo Photography: Marcos Mezzottoni Edited by: Marcos Mezzottoni Texts: malabrigo Music: Manuel Espasandin Cameras: Joaquín González, Pancho Pastori y Marcos Mezzottoni

Movida Hispana. (In Spanish)

This entry was posted on 21st August, 2014 .
Este es un post muy especial para nosotros, ya que desde hace un tiempo venimos pensando y trabajando en malabrigo habla hispana, y al fin hemos empezado a dar nuestros primeros pasos! Recientemente se acaba de inaugurar un grupo en Ravelry, malabrigo habla en español, administrado por Trelly Hernández y ElTelardeIxche, acá vas a poder encontrar diseños realizados con hilado malabrigo, y sus patrones van a estar en español y en ingles! Ya puedes ir practicando con unos geniales diseños realizados por Trelly Hernández.  Para que se hagan a la idea y vayan buscando sus agujas, les dejamos unas lindas imágenes de los diseños de Trelly.
Rande hat, diseño de Trelly Hernández Gorro Rande, diseño de Trelly Hernández
Cuello Xacobeo, diseño Trelly Hernández Cuello Xacobeo, diseño Trelly Hernández
Gorro Xacobeo, diseño Trelly Hernández Gorro Xacobeo, diseño Trelly Hernández
Los diseños de Trelly están realizados con diferentes hilados malabrigo seleccionados, adecuadamente, para cada patrón. El cuello y gorro Xacobeo fueron tejidos con Mecha, una lana 100% merino superwash, muy suave y agradable al tacto. Para las medias y el cuello Rande Trelly eligió trabajar con Rios, un hilado también 100% merino superwash que sienta muy bien sobre tu piel, y por ultimo para el gorro Brétema, utilizó uno de nuestros hilados más característicos, el Merino Worsted, una vez que lo pruebes no lo vas a querer dejar de usar!
Medias Rande, diseño Trelly Hernández Medias Rande, diseño Trelly Hernández
Gorro Brétema, diseño de Trelly Hernández Gorro Brétema, diseño de Trelly Hernández
Aún siguen las buenas noticias, porque el grupo malabrigo habla español empezó con todas! Ya mismo puedes participar del concurso para crear el banner del grupo, el ganador va a recibir dos patrones de Trelly Hernández y tres madejas malabrigo! Por más información del concurso, seguí este enlace: Concurso Banner del grupo! Otra cosa que les queremos contar es que prontamente vamos a tener el Libro 5 de malabrigo, en su versión en español! Si quieren ir practicando un lindo diseño, les dejamos el patrón del cuello Afrato, diseñado por Alexandra Nycha, y traducido, todo al español, por malabrigo! Este bonito cuello está realizado con nuestro Finito, un hilado de primera calidad que proviene de la lana más fina que podemos encontrar en Uruguay.
Cuello Afrato, diseño de Alexandra Nycha Cuello Afrato, diseño de Alexandra Nycha. Color Mostaza.
Cuello Afrato, diseño de Alexandra Nycha Cuello Afrato, diseño de Alexandra Nycha. Color Arco iris
No dejen de prestar atención a nuestro Instagram (@malabrigoyarn) porque en estos días vamos a tener más sorpresas de malabrigo Movida Hispana! Esperamos que las nuevas noticias los deje tan contentos y contentas como lo estamos nosotros!  

Winner of Stitch Seekers Giveaway

This entry was posted on 18th March, 2014 .
It's been a week! I plugged in the numbers over at Random.org and the winner is...... tetti!!! Tetti I'll be getting in touch shortly to deliver your prize :-) Thanks for playing, everyone!

It's contest time!

This entry was posted on 16th November, 2013 .
We have five copies of our new book Malabrigo Book 5 in SoHo to give away! If you'd like the chance to win one, please leave us a comment stating what yarn is used on the design of the cover, and what colourway it is. book5soho Hint!: You can see the patterns in the book, and some information for each one in Ravelry Don't forget, the only way to participate in this contest is by leaving a comment in this post! Lets play! You have time to participate until Saturday the 23rd, 2013 at 17:00 GMT-3 time (that's Uruguay time! ;) ). We will make a draft with all the people who answered the question correctly. Feel free to share this with anyone you'd like! It doesn't matter where you live, you can participate.  

Malabrigo Book 5- In Soho

This entry was posted on 9th October, 2013 .
We are thrilled to announce our fifth book, "In Soho"!   book5soho   This collection of colorful accessories is sure to brighten up your fall. But enough of my jabbering- you can peek at the whole collection right here! Book 5 is expected to start appearing on LYS shelves in just about a week- keep your eyes peeled!  

Cruise the Caribbean with Malabrigo!

This entry was posted on 24th September, 2013 .

Next spring, Malabrigo and Friends & Fiberworks will be setting sail for yarn-venture and we want you on our crew! Don’t worry, there won’t be any decks to swab or sails to hoist- just sun, sea, and Silky Merino. (Or... is it fun, friends, and Finito? Tans, treasure hunts, and Twist, maybe? We can hardly keep all the impending awesomeness straight, but we know it’s going to be great!)


Cast off on March 30, 2014 from Ft Lauderdale, FL for a 7-day round-trip excursion aboard Royal Caribbean's luxurious Allure of the Seas®.  Meet your new fibery friends at the meet and greet cocktail hour, share some laughs at the pajama party, and indulge your inner swashbuckler with a treasure hunt! You can also learn some new tricks with classes from featured teachers/designers Kathleen Taylor and Sheryl Thies, indulge in some high-fiber treats at the on-board Malabrigo shop, and partake in some knit-alongs as you soak in the sea breeze with like-minded yarn junkies.


But it’s not all about the yarn- after all, you’re on a cruise! Explore the gorgeous islands of the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten, and enjoy all the amenities of a world class cruise liner: 7 “neighborhoods”, 25 dining options, and a crew of over 2,300 to make your trip as idyllic as possible. The Allure of the Seas® even features the first “Starbucks® at sea” so you won’t have to go through Frappuccino withdrawal. Not to mention the restaurants, theaters, surf simulators, zip line, spa, pools, gardens….even a carousel! (Check out the Allure of the Seas®’s full amenities here, and take a peek at the available classes at the Friends & Fiberworks website.) Prices start at $1069! For more information or to reserve your spot, contact Hargarther, Thaler and Associates at (904) 280-1992/ (800) 258-8732 ext 2, email mara@cruisinglady.com, or visit www.cruisinglady.com. oasis_md

Winner of the giveaway!

This entry was posted on 20th July, 2013 .

The lucky winner of the Silky Merino to make the sweater featured on the cover of Crochet! is Marilyn Mihaly! She chose the colour Zarzamora for her sweater, it was quite a popular color! ganadora silky

We had 403 entries to the contest! Thank you everyone for participating!

Marilyn, we will be writing to you to get your mailing info.


This entry was posted on 18th July, 2013 .
ENTRIES FOR THE GIVEAWAY ARE NOW CLOSED! We'll announce the winner in a little bit, thank you all !!! Malabrigo Yarn is featured on the cover of Autumn Crochet! Magazine. This stylish Puff-Stitch Stripe Pullover is made in Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino.  We are hosting a 24 hour yarn giveaway for enough yarn to make this pullover!
Cover of Crochet! Cover of Crochet!
To participate for a  chance to win, leave us a comment in this post, telling us what color of "Silky Merino" you would like if you are chosen as our lucky winner! You can see all the colors in our colorcard HERE.
Rules: Contest is for the Americas and Europe residents only.  The comments that will be valid for the contest are those left between dates July 18 (9am EST) and  July 19 (9am EST)
We will publish the name of the winner on July 19 in the afternoon.
The pattern for the Puff-Stitch Stripe Pullover is featured in the Autumn Crochet! Magazine issue available at www.CrochetMagazine.com
Good luck!

Introducing Nube!

This entry was posted on 13th June, 2013 .
Handspinners, hold onto your spindles, and felters grab your stabby-needles, 'cause I've got some great news!   nube-para-viaje   We are now dyeing merino top!! Meet "Nube" (Spanish for cloud)- 4oz of handpainted fluffy goodness in some of your favorite colors (you can browse them all here.) We are debuting it at TNNA in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for Nube at a shop near you in the coming months!

Introducing Mecha!

This entry was posted on 30th January, 2013 .
  The newest member of the Malabrigo family is a bulky, single-ply superwash merino, available in many of your favorite colors (and a few brand new ones!) The superwash wool takes color beautifully, and it's as soft as ever. Mecha ("single ply" in Uruguayan Spanish) will be available in stores as soon as this March, so keep an eye out at your LYS! In the meantime, you can peruse all the colors and find more info on the Mecha yarn page. We hope you'll love it as much as we do!  


Introducing Book 4

This entry was posted on 28th August, 2012 .
The preview for Malabrigo Book 4 is now live! Book 4 was conceived and assembled by Hannah Thiessan (who was kind enough to invite me to contribute!) On her first trip to Uruguay, Hannah visited the "feria"- a sort of large flea market, where, she says, "everything from animals to antique doorknobs can be acquired." I talked to Hannah about some of her inspirations and the way this project evolved into the finished book.  
"I toured around with Marcos and his family  (Marcos is Tobias' twin brother.) I ate tortas fritas, which are like large tortilla-donuts covered in powdered sugar (a Uruguayan funnel cake of sorts). I was very enchanted with the idea of this market, and decided to make it the theme for the next book."
Inspired by the market and the beautiful items she'd purchased there, Hannah presented us designers with a beautiful inspiration spread, with photos of her treasures and several color palettes.
"Once you put something into designer's hands, they develop it to their tastes, so we came out with a book that has delicate colorwork, lace touches -- these were probably mostly based on the inlaid box images and really ornate button pictures I sent. I picked those objects because I saw a lot of art deco pieces while I was in Uruguay. There is a very wide variety of architecture there. Later, because of these touches, the book sort of morphed into more of a 'architecture of Uruguay' feeling -- we went all over the city and took pictures in front of architectural structures that represented different eras of Uruguay's past. The best part about this is that Antonio is an architect, and much of Tobias' and Marcos' family history is in architecture, so it hit close to home for them -- it really represents what they did before yarn."
Many of the items in the book are even named for the architecture that they resemble! I think I'm not alone in saying that I think Hannah did an amazing job, as did, of course, the wonderful designers involved! Book 4 will be available in local yarn stores around late October/early November of this year, and we hope you'll love it!(In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek at all the patterns here!)

Stockpile Planning with the Malabrigo Junkies

This entry was posted on 9th September, 2011 .
If you are looking for a great opportunity to whip up some holiday hand-knits, don't forget about the upcoming October Stockpile! The Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry is getting ready for their annual October event, in which all participants work to cast on and finish as many projects as possible in Malabrigo Yarns. Many folks use this as a time of year to work on the gifts for friends and family, while others spend the time making gifts to give away to local or international charity efforts. Not only will you have that warm, fuzzy, holiday feeling, but you'll have a chance at winning some Malabrigo prizes, too! Head over and help plan the event by suggesting KAL ideas, contests, and offering to help out!

-- Hannah

High School Club Thank-You

This entry was posted on 23rd May, 2011 .
We got a really sweet thank you from a high school's club. The teens are learning how to make things for people in the community, and we sent them a box of yarns to work with -- and they sent us this fun picture and note back!

From their teacher:

I just wanted to tell you that we received the wonderful box of yarns you sent and that they are absolutely beautiful. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate them and I can guarantee that some beautiful items will be made from them that will be donated to a very good cause.

I have attached a photo with a big 'Thank You' from my students in the club, and we will be writing you also.

I appreciate all of your help,

Jeanette (Antioch High School)

We are really honored to have participated in this project as well!

-- Hannah

Malabrigo March Winners Announced!

This entry was posted on 13th April, 2011 .
You can, of course, go to the Malabrigo Junkies' thread for the full details about all the entires and random winners, but we wanted to do a quick highlight post here to show off some of the contest winners! This year's Yummy Stash Photo winner was GuapaM, who took a picture of her Intenso among her plants:
Most Cast On went to Ravelry user maddcrocheter, who cast on a whopping 40 projects in Malabrigo! Most Junkie Designs Finished went to Ravelry users warpedntwisted and haraseiram, who both cast on 11 projects designed by Junkies! Be Scrappy, the contest where members are challenged to use up their Malabrigo scraps, was won by Ninja8Tofu, who submitted a scrappy hat for her son:
Re-Up, which is a contest based on using up your stash's yardage, was won this year by thewindwraith, who used up a whopping 4,710 yards of Malabrigo on projects this March! Best Use of Color went to YummyKnits, who made a fun and funky Malabrigo mohawk for her little one:

Most Creative Picture went to beforesunrise, who's knitted creature from the Monster KAL couldn't get enough of Dos samples:

StitchMimi took first place in the Best Duet contest, where the challenge was to combine Malabrigo with another, non-Malabrigo yarn -- everyone adored her Duet Pinwheel sweater:
Show Your Devotion was won this year with a really cool photography entry by Eklectika:
The Most Interesting Project this year was a Mooring ring cozy, knit and placed by lykkefanten. The Design Contest had two winners: one each in the Novice and Experienced Category. Ninja8Tofu won with her Momo sweater in the Experienced category, and the Novice winner this year was Savvygirlmelanie, with her Squeaky Mittens:
There were also winners of a Banner and Badge Design contest, several random drawings and 'crowd favorites' pulled from the Design Contest! Make sure that you head over to the Malabrigo Junkies group to see what all the buzz is about!

-- Hannah

Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project - April

This entry was posted on 10th April, 2011 .
Understory, a collection by Kristen Hanley Cardozo
I am really excited to introduce to everyone the Freelance Pattern Project's April addition. This collection, based on a woodland theme, is a study in texture and detail. Kristen is an excellent designer and it is apparent in the amount of care and thought that shows on every page of this pdf collection! You can buy it now on Ravelry from her designer store: Understory. I still can't decide what my favorite piece of the collection is, or what I am going to knit first!

Don't forget last month's awesome release, either!

-- Hannah

Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project 2011

This entry was posted on 9th March, 2011 .

I wanted to finally share with you the lineup for our MFPP pattern e-book series. These can be purchased via their original designers on Ravelry, and are linked as they come up on our Patterns page here on the site. As these are released they will each have a feature post on the blog -- I just wanted to let you know what to look forward to!

January: Nina Machlin Dayton; The Best of Times: A Dickensian Winter Collection March: Elizabeth Elliott April: Kristen Hanley Cordozo May: Tori Gurbisz June: Kristi Holaas July: Amy Duncan August: Jennifer Dassau September: Mary Catherine Black October: Nichole Reese November: Heidi Kirrmaier December: Veera Valimaki BONUS: Breean Miller All MFPP

Malabrigo March in Full Swing

This entry was posted on 9th March, 2011 .
If you haven't hit up the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry, this would be the time to go! With another annual Malabrigo March in full swing, the Junkies are ready to knit up a storm of super-soft goodies in the chance to win some major prizes. This year's contests include a Badge and Banner Design contest, Be Scrappy (knitting with scraps), Best Duet (two Malabrigo yarns together), Best Use of Color, Most Cast On, Most Creative Photo, Most Interesting Project, Most Junkie Designs Finished, Re-Up (re-up your stash with winnings based on how much yarn you use), Show Your Devotion (last year this resulted in an awesome Malabrigo theme song), and Yummy Stash Photos. Knit-A-Longs include many popular patterns on Ravelry, and the standard General Sweater, Accessory, Crochet, and Baby/Child KALs. You can join in on these at any time and if you are a member of the Malabrigo Junkies group, you might even win a random prize! Festivities continue into the end of the month, and I will be showing you some of my favorite works in April from the Malabrigo March project pool!

-- Hannah

Introducing Arroyo

This entry was posted on 8th March, 2011 .
Introducing our newest yarn, Arroyo! Specifications: DK/Sport weight yarn 4 ply, superwash Arroyo is a great choice for lots of different projects -- colorwork, baby and child's garments, and clothing and accessories that will be well worn and loved. You can be confident that this yarn will show off stitches, cables and still pop out of your washer and dryer vibrant and gorgeous! There is no release date yet for Arroyo but samples have been spotted at Stitches shows -- keep an eye out for further information as we have it for you!


Book 3 - Online Preview

This entry was posted on 15th December, 2010 .
Our third book is ready and will be showing up at stores near you in January 2011. Until then, check out this awesome new preview!

Malabrigo Book 3 - Expanded Preview

-- Hannah

1,000,000 Ravelers!

This entry was posted on 16th November, 2010 .
ravelry-logoCongratulations, Ravelry -- our favorite place to find knitting patterns and excellent examples of knitter's handiwork, the home of the Malabrigo Junkies, and the source of the great community, family feeling that the knitting world has -- gained their millionth member today! We are so happy to see one of our favorite websites getting much-deserved attention. We also want to congratulate Ravelry on their award at this year's Rubicon (a convention based around the Ruby systems that Ravelry is built with.)

Sock Contest Winners!

This entry was posted on 10th November, 2010 .
It's finally time to announce the winners of our Sock Design Contest. We got close to 20 really fantastic, beautiful entries, from so many talented designers -- it was so hard to pick a winner or even a favorite! Luckily, first, second, and third prize winners all get something really fantastic for their efforts! Sea Wreaths

First Prize Winner -- Sea Wreaths by Sarah Griffiths

Sarah Griffith's Sea Wreaths includes not only one, but two patterns -- inspired by a poem about mermaids by T.S. Eliot, in combination with one of our favorite colorways, Indiecita. The hat and fingerless mittens set are both adorned with a mix of interesting basketweave and cable patterns, broken up with stockinette. We chose Sarah's pattern not only because it was beautiful and well-written, but also because of how easily it highlights and works with one of our complicated, multi-color colorways. Since colorways like Indiecita, Archangel, Primavera and Candombe are some of our most popular, we felt that Sarah's pattern was a wonderful addition to any knitter's pattern library. It provides enough complexity for an advanced knitter to find it enjoyable, but is not outside the reaches of an ambitious beginner. Congratulations, Sarah -- thank you for submitting such a lovely pattern to our contest!

Sarah wins a full bag of any available Malabrigo Yarn, as well as a bag of Malabrigo Dos (an unreleased test yarn) in a colorway of the factory's choosing. A few paper copies of her pattern will also be given away at a future Stitches Event with test skeins of Malabrigo Yarn, and be linked on the Patterns section of our website.

Heart of the Mesa by Grace SchneblySecond Prize Winner -- Heart of the Mesa by Grace Schnebly

Grace's Hear of the Mesa was an easy choice for a finalist pattern. The mittens themselves are stunning -- the incredible contrast of an excellent color choice, the clear photographs and interesting geometric pattern -- all these contribute to a real 'wow' factor for a simple colorwork mitten. Grace's inspiration comes from the woven designs of the Navajo, and pteroglyphs of the Anasazi Native American tribes.

In addition to being pretty on the outside, the pattern is clear, beautifully laid out, and well-written. It would be an excellent choice for someone starting to feel confident in colorwork, and in our buttery-soft Sock, as pleasurable to wear as they are to look at and knit. Grace's conversational tone creates a pattern that is easy to follow and understand.

Grace wins a full bag of any available Malabrigo Yarn of her choosing, in any colorway. Her pattern will be featured here on the blog and also linked on the Patterns section of our website.

Damask by Kitman Figueroa

Third Prize Winner -- Damask by Kitman Figueroa

Kitman's pattern Damask might look complicated, but the designer assures us that this lovely, lacy shawl is not as difficult as we might think. After looking over the pattern, which comes complete with written instructions, charts, and step-by-step instruction, even the most timid lace knitter (namely, me) would be willing to attempt this.

Of course, the beading and structure of the actual shawl would be enough to tempt anyone into knitting it -- in Malabrigo Sock, you would be creating something really wonderful to wrap around your neck! We especially loved the beautiful edging, and it's obvious that Kitman really cares about the quality of her patterns, making her an easy choice for a finalist designer in our contest!

Kitman wins a mixed bag of skeins direct from the factory, hand-picked by Antonio. They could be test yarns, test colors, or single skeins of well-known favorites. Her pattern will also be linked in the Patterns section of our website.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered our contest -- there were so many quality submissions, and you can see many of them on our Facebook page!

Fall in Love: A New Blog Series

This entry was posted on 29th September, 2010 .
photo credit: Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Fall in Love is our new, 5-part blog series, highlighting all that is fall -- the trends, colors, and feeling of this fall season captured with knitting needles and crochet hooks. Best of all, this blog series will give you plenty of inspiration to pick up your favorite Malabrigo Yarns and get to work on something special for the fall season! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I've enjoyed putting it together. The kickoff will be tomorrow with some terrific Fall Fair-Isle knitting patterns and a quick study in choosing and pairing colors for them.

Chau, Hannah

Knitting with Heart - The Pink Lemonade Shawl

This entry was posted on 16th July, 2010 .
The Pink Lemonade Shawl, designed by Tricia Lewis The Pink Lemonade Shawl, designed by Tricia Lewis
We wanted to highlight a pattern very close to our hearts, the Pink Lemonade Shawl recently released by designer Tricia Lewis. This shawl is not only lovely, but has a lovely message behind it -- Tricia designed the pattern to celebrate how many members of the Malabrigo Junkies have won personal battles with breast cancer in the last few years. In an effort to assist with cancer research and eradication, Tricia has announced that she'll be donating 100% of the profits from each shawl's purchase to Susan G. Komen for the cure. The shawl is knit in Malabrigo sock.
Pink Lemonade Shawl, by Tricia Lewis Pink Lemonade Shawl, by Tricia Lewis

malabrigo in Japan ??

This entry was posted on 29th June, 2010 .
Now you can find malabrigo in Japan!!
At :
K-Style Shonan
3-5-2 Kugenuma Sakuragaoka
Fujisawa, Kanagawa  251-0027
Web site here

Your Favorites, Our Thanks!

This entry was posted on 21st June, 2010 .
I always think it's really interesting to hop on Ravelry and see what the yarn rankings are. Did you know that if you do a search of all Malabrigo yarns, and then sort by most projects, you can find out what most Ravelers are stashing? It's just another cool feature, but it was fun to see what your favorite Malabrigo yarns were! 1. Malabrigo Worsted 2. Malabrigo Lace 3. Malabrigo Sock 4. Malabrigo Silky 5. Malabrigo Twist 6. Malabrigo Aquarella 7. Malabrigo Gruesa 8. Malabrigo Seleccion Privada 9. Malabrigo Organic Cotton 10. Malabrigo Rasta Where do you forsee Rios ending up on the list? I think it'll quickly skyrocket up in the ratings!

Chau, Hannah

Pajama Party Stitches West

This entry was posted on 6th March, 2010 .
Can you believe it? Pijama Party Stitches West1 Many people knitting in pajama Pijama Party Stitches West Some bottles... Pijama Party Stitches West2 by the way, many of them were knitting with malabrigo.

Malabrigo in Arabia

This entry was posted on 30th April, 2009 .
We just shipped our first order to the United Arab Emirates, it seems that knitting is very hot there! They have a group of knitters there that get together regularly to knit, called very appropriately Desert Knitters. As my friend Hal likes to say, Knitting is Universal!

New stores in Switzerland, Czech Republic and Lousiana

This entry was posted on 30th March, 2009 .
We have a new customer in Switzerland, the first store to sell Malabrigo in that country, so if you live there or just visit the country and visit the store please say hello from us! The store is Wollmobil, in Muhen, this is the store phone number 4179-3797626 and, this is, as Barbara said, the store real owner: If you happen to live (or travel) in Central Europe don't forget to visit also Fashion Martina, in Prague (or as they say, Praha) she carries a lot of Malabrigo. And of course, we always have new accounts in the US, we recently added two stores in Louisiana: Yarn Nook 321 Oil Center Drive Lafayette, LA 70503 337-593-8558 and: The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company 102 Lighthouse Pointe Circle Youngsville, LA 70592 337-857-9255 / 337 216 4564