MFPP: Pollination Collection by Star Athena

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8610050087_ee6c604295_z Our newest MFPP is a Springalicious collection of goodies by Star Athena! I'll let Star tell you a bit about each one...
8611155560_1a1ba64b6b_z Conestoga Bonnet in Chunky, Pink Frost (Also the Honey Orchard shawl in Silky Merino, Cape Cod Gray, and the Plum Creek Mitts in Worsted, Pearl Ten, and Lace, Dusty.)
8610050309_53f9bfacaf_z Conestoga Bonnet in Chunky, Pearl
Before the development of the railroad, people relied on covered wagons like the Conestoga to travel the Appalachian Valley. The Conestoga Bonnet revives old time carriage dress into the modern era.  
8610049777_9ae19120ab_z Honey Orchard in Silky Merino, Sand (and a snippet of Conestoga Bonnet in Chunky, Geranio.)
Honey Orchard is a made-up place with dancing lambs and bees with no stingers. The sunlight tastes sweet and always comes paired with a gentle breeze. This asymmetrical shawl pattern is inspired by a dreamy little fictitious place like Honey Orchard.  
8611155854_fa4d2c1cf6_z Plum Creek Mitts. From left to right: Worsted in Sealing Wax and Lace in Pink Frost; Worsted in Pearl Ten and Lace in Simply Taupe; Worsted in Pearl Ten and Lace in Dusty.
On the banks of Plum Creek, “She heard pa shouting,’Jiminy crickets! It's raining fish- hooks and hammer handles!’” (Laura Ingalls Wilder) Plum Creek is a place where country gals ride horses and picnic in the grass. It is the inspiration for a set of armwarmers that integrate delicate lace onto a sturdy structure. These mitts are a little feminine and a little bit practical too, right at home in Plum Creek.  
8611155220_5a0374a0b7_z Tree Rings in Sock, Alcaucil and Natural.

Every tree has a secret inner life. You can guess the age by the height but the real data is locked within the core -- growth rings. Tree Ring Socks show your knitting growth on the outside. This project is an easy way to use two colors in your knitting without having to carry more than one strand at a time.

  What a delightfully charming collection, thanks Star!! Click the pictures to go to the individual patterns on Ravelry, or you can see the whole collection here. You can also browse all the MFPP patterns on our Ravelry page.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What on earth is “MFPP”? MFPP stands for Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. Every month, we collaborate with an independent designer (or two) to bring you delightfully themed pattern collections! You can see past MFPP collections here or at the Ravelry link above!

- Alex

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