MFPP: A la French #3: Golden by Emilie Berger

This entry was posted on 25th March, 2014 .
This month's MFPP by Emilie Berger focuses on some of my favorite Malabrigo colorways- the golds! Specifically Glitter and Laguna Negra. Mmmmdelightful!
Blankie Wrap in Arroyo, Glitter and Natural Blankie Wrap in Arroyo, Glitter and Natural
The Clutch, in Rasta Laguna Negra The Clutch, in Rasta Laguna Negra
Emilie says:
The collection is called "golden" and I got inspired by the golden evening light of Florida where I have moved a year ago. Everything turns to yellows and oranges, and it is just so pretty ! It is also a pun, because I feel so "golden", so lucky to have moved here and to be in a great space in my life right now and to be so happy in my personal life. It is also an attempt to show people that we are all lucky in one way or another, that you have to choose to see things and life from a positive perspective :) The collection is composed of 3 pieces: - a very versatile shawl, that you can also use as a scarf, wrap, and even little blanket to put on your cold feet or to cover a baby - a clutch because you always need a trendy knitted accessory in life, right ? - a headband because they always save the day and make you look chic even though you're having a bad hair day.
Good Hair Day in Mecha, Glitter Good Hair Day in Mecha, Glitter
DSCN0686   You can see the whole collection on Ravelry here, or click the individual pictures to go to each pattern's page. You can also browse our past MFPP's here! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What on earth is “MFPP”? MFPP stands for Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. Every month, we collaborate with an independent designer (or two) to bring you delightfully themed pattern collections! You can see past MFPP collections here or at the Ravelry link above!

- Alex

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