Malabrigo Quickies: Reciprocity by Barbara Benson

This entry was posted on 17th February, 2015 .
A yummy twisty cowl for a chilly day! Barbara Benson's Reciprocity cowl plays with stitch patterns and double-stranding to create a stunning variety of textures with just two yarns.
Reciprocity in Silky Merino in Queguay and Silkpaca in Abril Reciprocity in Silky Merino in Queguay and Silkpaca in Abril
Barbara says:
The siren call of the highly variegated colors from Malabrigo always sings to me when I am browsing through a yarn store. But at times these colors can be difficult to match up with a pattern that allows them to be as beautiful as they are in the skein. This cowl is my answer to that particular challenge. And while I was at it I asked myself why work with one soft and colorful base when you can work with two at the same time? Both Silky Merino and Silkpaca are amazingly soft to work with and when you are wearing a cowl you want that softness right up against your skin, so I went short instead of long. For part of the cowl you work with the yarns held together and then you split them up and work with them individually in a simplified sort of double knitting. This allows the solid color to break up the variegation a bit while at the same time presenting a panel of stockinette of the variegation to show off the colors. The Moebius construction allowed me to make this fully reversible and the pattern includes illustrated instructions on how to do the cast on (and a link to the best video I could find). I chose to use Queguay for the Silky Merino and Abril for the Silkpaca - but I cannot wait to see what colors other knitters pair up. The possibilities are endless.
Two_Strand_Moebius-5_medium2 You can find Reciprocity on Ravelry here! You can also see all the other past Quickies here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are Malabrigo Quickies? Quickies are small, fast projects which require only one or two skeins of yarn. Approximately every two weeks we’re teaming up with a talented independent designer to present an exciting new accessory (or other “small object”) pattern, showcasing one of our many yarns and colorways.


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