Malabrigo Quickies: Keyhole Gloves by Moira Engel

This entry was posted on 26th March, 2013 .
This week we've got some charming little gloves in Malabrigo Sock!   Keyhole_2_medium2 Moira says:
Keyhole gloves were inspired by my mother. She grew up in a time when gloves were appropriate for every event and every event had an appropriate glove. Mom had driving gloves, formal gloves, cotton gloves, riding gloves and little white lacy gloves for me and my sister. I love the idea of gloves as an accessory for style and functional for warm hands.  
Keyhole_3_medium2   I do sometimes wish we lived in a time when hats and gloves were part of everyday outfits! Time to bring that back, I think ;-) Starting with these snazzy little numbers. You can check out the Keyhole Gloves on Ravelry, or have a look through past Quickies here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are Malabrigo Quickies? Quickies are small, fast projects which require only one or two skeins of yarn. Approximately every two weeks we’re teaming up with a talented independent designer to present an exciting new accessory (or other “small object”) pattern, showcasing one of our many yarns and colorways.


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