Malabrigo Quickies: Chispas by Kristen Jancuk

This entry was posted on 18th September, 2012 .

Introducing Chispas, the latest addition to the Malabrigo Quickies series:
Just in time for fall, a cozy colorwork cowl to fend off the season's earliest chills. Knit up quickly using just 2 shades of sport weight yarn, this design features twisted rib edges to hold it close, and geometric shapes spiraling around the cowl. The colorway used, Chispas, means "sparks," a description so perfect for these sunburst patterns that it became the name of the design itself. Try using a solid color for the background and a variegated color for the main design, to create a multi-colored look without all the work!


  I just love this color combo, and this sort of geometric patterning is very "in" this year! You can check out Chispas on Ravelry or browse our past Quickies! We've also got a new Quickies list in the Malabrigo Junkies group, for easy reference. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are Malabrigo Quickies? Quickies are small, fast projects which require only one or two skeins of yarn. Approximately every two weeks we’ll be teaming up with a talented independent designer to present an exciting new accessory (or other “small object”) pattern, showcasing one of our many yarns and colorways.


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