Malabrigo Quickie Twists and Turns by Michael Harrigan

This entry was posted on 18th September, 2018 by Barbara .

Sometimes as a knitter one simply wants to knit something with a little bit of lace and a scrumptious skein of yarn. The talented desigenr Michael Harrigan has designed the perfect shawl for those times and named it Twists and Turns.

Why did he call it that? Well I think he says it best:

I travel extensively looking for inspiration for my hand knit accessory designs. Natural elements, landmarks and textiles I encounter on my travels are often the basis. I’m particularly drawn to geometric shapes and to intricate colorways.

This design features a transection of geometric shapes on a background that reflects the interplay of shadows and light, as seen on the pavement from a seaside cafe in Croatia.

Often it is hard to match a variegated colorway with lace but Sirenas on Mechita is the perfect fit for this piece. The very geometric and bold shapes in the lace can stand up to multi-color choices and the swaths of solid fabric gives the yarn space to shine.

Worked flat from the top down this shawl is sure to be a soothing and fun knit! We can't wait to see what color you chose to knit it in. And just in case you didn't know it - this would work great in our Sock base as well!

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