Malabrigo Quickie: Springs Around the Corner Cowl

This entry was posted on 30th March, 2018 by Barbara .

A close to the neck cowl is the perfect way to indulge in the amazingly soft feel of our base Finito. Designer Mary E Rose has created this beautifully textured pattern that allows you quickly knit up a celebration of Spring aptly named Spring's Around the Corner!

I love that the designer chose to knit this up in Estragon. The pale but rich green makes me think of the very first tips of flowers as they push their way up through the soil. A promise of weather to come when things might be a bit dreary.

When asked for a few thoughts on her design Mary related the Spring experience in her home.

Early Spring  in Ohio is a fickle time of year.  This year we welcomed the first full day of spring with a snow storm, but just a few days before it was warm enough to leave my jacket at home. Some mornings when out for a walk I need my thick woolen scarf and hat, but the ones I enjoy the most of the brisk but sunny, where I need just a little something to keep the chill off my neck, but not the bulk of a worsted weight scarf.  But, I am picky.  I like cowls and scarves to look pretty on both sides.

This variation of cocoon stitch fits that requirement, and also reminds me that in the late winter and early spring, under the snow and frozen ground, seeds lie cocooned in earth, waiting for things to warm up enough for them to finally break free and grow into the flowers and bushes that line the paths I walk at my local park.

Of course, any of the amazing colors of Finito would work great in this pattern. What color do you think you would choose?

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