Malabrigo Quickie: Notus by K.M. Bedigan

This entry was posted on 21st July, 2015 .
It may be summery now, but autumn is just around the corner! Get prepared with a little light knitting that results in a snuggly fall shawlette: introducing Notus by K.M. Bedigan.
Notus in Arroyo, in Glitter Notus in Arroyo, in Glitter
K.M. says:
Notus, the Greek god of the South Winds – bringer of the storms of late Summer and Autumn. In the ancient texts, he is feared as the destroyer of crops and is a danger to travellers with his actions, heralding the end of the summer heat and beginning of the colder months. The pattern pairs garter stitch and short rows to create a flowing, textured shawl, with a spiralling cabled border echoing ideas and memories of breezy days. The shawl is asymmetric, forming a right angle triangular shape. The body is knitted first and edged with a sideways knitted on border. I-cord edging trims the shawl, and is worked throughout. Due to the construction of the shawl, the border can be worked in a second colour.
You can find Notus on Ravelry here, or check out our past Quickies here!
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