Malabrigo Quickie: Ginger Cloche by Annika Barranti!

This entry was posted on 19th March, 2013 .
February 19th's Quickie was this glam little number by Annika Barranti! ginger57_medium2 Annika says:
Knitted from the top of the crown down, Ginger is a 1920s-inspired cloche with an asymmetrical brim, knitted with worsted weight yarn at a tighter-than-recommended gauge for a firm fabric that will keep its shape without the extra step of felting. Choose a contrast brim color for an extra pop of color!  
ginger97_medium2 ginger27_medium2   You can get your flapper on by checking out the Ginger Cloche on Ravelry here, or browse through our past Quickies!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are Malabrigo Quickies? Quickies are small, fast projects which require only one or two skeins of yarn. Approximately every two weeks we’re teaming up with a talented independent designer to present an exciting new accessory (or other “small object”) pattern, showcasing one of our many yarns and colorways.


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