Malabrigo Quickie for October

This entry was posted on 18th October, 2017 by Barbara .

October has brought us a super fun and fast Quickie from the designer Talitha Kuomi. Using only one beautiful skein of Mecha you can knit up reflektor in no time!

Talitha worked up two different versions of her new scarf, one in Mostaza (yellow) and the other in Paysandu (purple/pink). A little bit of shaping goes a long way to create points at each end and an intriguing point in the middle that takes this from a simple scarf to a fashion accessory statement.

There are two options, one involves you raiding your local jewelry making stash for clip on bits and bobbles to decorate the scarf.

Or if fringe is more your style, instructions are included on how to add just the right amount!

Hop over to Ravelry and then pick out your favorite color of Mecha and you could have this stylish new scarf before you know it! 

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