Malabrigo Quickie: Celtic Flame Dragon Cowl

This entry was posted on 29th January, 2018 by Barbara .
Designer Tania Richter is known for her amazing pieces that use double knitting to produce colorwork. When we gave her two skeins of Arroyo she created a work of art and wrote up the pattern so that you could too!
She chose to use the colors Flamma and Black to create this beautifully intricate and swooping depiction of a dragon that will encircle your neck and keep you toasty warm!
And with double knitting you get the amazing advantage of your cowl being completely reversible and having a completely different look on the reverse. Whether you want a black dragon on a bed of fire or a fire dragon rising from the darkness - this cowl has you covered.
Of course, you would like to hear directly from the designer:
What’s warmer than a dragon wrapped around your neck? Only a dragon made from flame-colored wool! Inspired by the shifting flame-like colors of Malabrigo’s Flamma colorway, I had to make a dragon that showed off those fiery colors to the best of their capabilities. The Celtic motif features a Celtic double spiral on the dragon's wing while the dragon's tail twines around its body.
We also asked Tania to suggest other color combinations and she suggested the following:
Reflecting Pool and Prussia Blue
Vaa and Natural
Volcan and Sandbank
We can't wait to see all of the new Dragons that pop up from this pattern. What colors of Arroyo would you use?
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