Knitting as Poetry by Evelyn Politzer

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Knitting as Poetry
Reflections on the Natural Environment 
Evelyn Politzer
Curated by Dr.Yolanda Sánchez
October 27, 2017 - May 17, 2018

If you have been to Miami International Airport since October 27th, maybe you have had the pleasure to see this exhibition for yourself. 

With Knitting as Poetry, artist Evelyn Politzer expands  our appreciation of fiber arts and the techniques of knitting and crochet as artistic forms.  Her creative expression offers a bridge between the history of craft and “women’s work” and present concerns regarding the natural environment. 

Malabrigo had the pleasure of sponsoring this exhibition by donationg all the materials used to create these wonderful works of art. 

In this installation, curated by Dr. Yolanda Sanchez, Politzer aims to bring attention to the beauty and fragility of nature, presenting us with evocative forms that stimulate us through their use of color and texture. Her nested structures, in particular, are tender and sensual, their color range suggesting warmth and nurturance. Maternal concerns are often present in Politzer’s work. The adjacent more serene installation, suggestive of aqueous elements, not only presents a visual juxtaposition but is also a reminder of the importance of water conservation, a major issue in Politzer’s immediate community. “Every drop counts” is a slogan in the local educational system. - (text that accompany the installation)

We hope you can make it to Miami International Airport and see if for yourself, you have time until May 17, 2018 

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