Knit Voyage Colorado Nature A Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project

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Once again we are pleased to present the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. In the MFPP we supply the yarn to fuel the creative pursuits of independent designers. The designer crafts a collection of designs highlighting our yarns in their own style. They handle all of the production of the patterns and sell them independently, so all of the proceeds go to them to help further their creative endevors.

For the first MFPP of the year we are honored to present Knit Voyage: Colorado Nature from Amanda Guthrie who designs under the name Atlas Knits.  To explain the collection I think it best that we hear from the designer herself!

The concept for Knit Voyage was inspired by members of the Knitventure Society and their love of knitting patterns that not only inspire to create a beautiful finished accessory, but also engage and create opportunities to learn through innovative construction and stitch combinations. This love for adventurous knitting combined with correlating scenes from Colorado nature and our everyday lives serves as the inspiration for this collection. All designs feature the bright, saturated colors and the delightful, soft touch of Malabrigo, who generously contributed the yarn to sponsor this collection.

 Escape the everyday knitting routine, and take a stitching journey with me through the resilience and enchanting essence of Colorado nature. Embrace your roots and cultivate connection with Aspen Roots, inspired by the resilience of aspen groves. Get in touch with the unique value you bring to the world with Mountain Snowmelt, a shawl that captures the life-sustaining properties of snowpack and snowmelt in the mountains and plains.  Discover your endless possibilities while knitting Stargaze, a deep crescent shape shawl that encompasses the vast openness of the starry sky as viewed from mountain peaks. Embark on a quest of accepting change by cruising through cloudy skies on a windy day with Windswept Skies. Wrap up your journey through Colorado nature with how destruction evolves into new life with Wildfire Blaze, a shawl that embodies the insight of how new life and beauty can thrive through the ashes.

The collection features five beautiful shawls that play beautifully with the designer's chosen colors and bases of Malabrigo yarn.

Aspen Roots in Fresco Y Seco on Rios.

Mountain Snowmelt in Aquamarine on Rios.

Stargaze in Indicita on Dos Tierras.

Wildfire Blaze in Borrajas on Arroyo.

Windswept Skies; the smaller is in Ochre and the larger is in Azules, both on Sock.

And finally, do not miss out in perusing the absolutely stunning LookBook that Amanda put togehter for this collection. View it on issue Here.

We hope that you have as much fun knitting up the patterns in this collection as we did helping Amanda bring her vision to life!


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