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What is Malabrigo March?

March Means Malabrigo Madness! Seriously… madness. The crazy members of our Ravelry group, The Malabrigo Junkies, get together every March to participate in this mad event which is ALL ABOUT Malabrigo’s yarns. We are junkies and we’re not afraid to celebrate our addiction. We cast on all the things and have light competition to see who can do it all… it’s about the group’s love for the yarns that the Malabrigo company has produced.

Raveler lisknits's Latvian Team Hat Jayhawk Stylein worsted

There’s a backstory though: Ages ago, the Ravelry page dedicated to all the yarns which have been added to their database used to have a “Top Ten” list which essentially showed the top yarns based on projects which used them. We junkies desperately wanted to get Malabrigo Worsted on that list and our original moderators cooked up the idea to have a month-long event to see if we could do it. It worked too! I think we managed to get Worsted into the top three!

Raveler Melibe's Experimental Hat in Rios

What has evolved is a party of sorts, where we still try to cast on as many projects as possible, we sometimes focus on a particular base (usually whatever is most recently released) and sometimes try to spread the love around ALL the bases. We create a list of “alongs” (knit, crochet, weaving, spinning – this year’s set includes some designer-specific, as well as pattern-specific ones) and everyone finds a place to hangout and chat about what they are doing. We swatch before hand to see what works…we create contests to challenge ourselves (what’s the best use of variegated, who can make something for every body-part in one month? Can you design and produce a new pattern in a month? etc.) we make lists of all the things we would like to cast on in March (and then sometimes April becomes the WIP after-party of finishing!) and we cheerlead each other as we go!

Raveler JWiesel's Mal March Warm Weave Cowl in Worsted

We love meeting (and making) new Malabrigo junkies and welcome all who want to come play with us! It’s never too late to join!

Details: Malabrigo March started on March 1 but you have plenty of time to jump in! You can cast on as many projects as you would like between now and March 31 at 11:59pm. Participation and prizes (generously donated by the Malabrigo Company) are for members only, so don’t delay… join today! :D

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