January MFPP Release!

This entry was posted on 17th January, 2011 .
eBookComposit We are so excited to announce the first e-book release in a whole upcoming year of patterns. Who better to start out the year than the delightful Nina Machlin Dayton, who has long provided lovely, popular Malabrigo patterns to Ravelry members and her blog readers alike? Nina's collection of accessory pieces is soft, luxurious, and sure to provide more than a few staples for your late winter wardrobe. She drew inspiration from the writer Charles Dickens for this collection, and his descriptions of winter. Part of the loveliness of this collection is the color palette -- soft, muted, frosty tones with the deep greens and blues of shadows on snow and under evergreens. We hope you enjoy her collection as much as we do! Be sure to check out the collection here: The Best of Times e-book on Ravelry
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