Introducing Book 4

This entry was posted on 28th August, 2012 .
The preview for Malabrigo Book 4 is now live! Book 4 was conceived and assembled by Hannah Thiessan (who was kind enough to invite me to contribute!) On her first trip to Uruguay, Hannah visited the "feria"- a sort of large flea market, where, she says, "everything from animals to antique doorknobs can be acquired." I talked to Hannah about some of her inspirations and the way this project evolved into the finished book.  
"I toured around with Marcos and his family  (Marcos is Tobias' twin brother.) I ate tortas fritas, which are like large tortilla-donuts covered in powdered sugar (a Uruguayan funnel cake of sorts). I was very enchanted with the idea of this market, and decided to make it the theme for the next book."
Inspired by the market and the beautiful items she'd purchased there, Hannah presented us designers with a beautiful inspiration spread, with photos of her treasures and several color palettes.
"Once you put something into designer's hands, they develop it to their tastes, so we came out with a book that has delicate colorwork, lace touches -- these were probably mostly based on the inlaid box images and really ornate button pictures I sent. I picked those objects because I saw a lot of art deco pieces while I was in Uruguay. There is a very wide variety of architecture there. Later, because of these touches, the book sort of morphed into more of a 'architecture of Uruguay' feeling -- we went all over the city and took pictures in front of architectural structures that represented different eras of Uruguay's past. The best part about this is that Antonio is an architect, and much of Tobias' and Marcos' family history is in architecture, so it hit close to home for them -- it really represents what they did before yarn."
Many of the items in the book are even named for the architecture that they resemble! I think I'm not alone in saying that I think Hannah did an amazing job, as did, of course, the wonderful designers involved! Book 4 will be available in local yarn stores around late October/early November of this year, and we hope you'll love it!(In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek at all the patterns here!)
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