Glowing Sheep!

This entry was posted on 30th May, 2013 .
There has been quite a bit of talk about the genetically modified lambs born in Uruguay,  and by now you have probably heard or read about them, too!
Uruguayan Glowing Sheep: clic on image to read about it
It's a genetic experiment developed by IraUY. There are already examples in the world of animals that having been genetically manipulated to produce proteins like insulin in their milk. The major goal of IraUy in doing this experiment is to perfect the technique of genetic manipulation in order to document and share their conclusions so other scientists can use what they have learned. They incorporated a gene taken from the Aequorea Victoria jellyfish, which is fluorescent and therefore easy to detect the sheeps tissue. As a result, these 9 lambs show their fluorescent colour when exposed to a certain UV light. When we saw this news, and read on twitter some users making jokes that we should spin their yarn, we just had to create our very own glowing colourway, inspired in these 9 lambs!  
Fluo in Worsted Fluo in Malabrigo Yarn Worsted
It's really flourescent in person- it's quite difficult to capture that in a photo! I, personally, must confess I had a lot of fun imagining what would happen if one of these lambs got away from where they are and started running across the fields, and someone ran into it at night and saw it glow. Oh, the stories that would create! This colorway will be presented at TNNA, so it will be available some time after that.

- Vero

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