Everywhere You Go is Home a collection from Carina Spencer

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One of the goals of our Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project is to make sure that our collaborations are led by the designer that we are working with. We provide the raw materials and they bring their creativity and direction. Typically the entire collection is released in one fell swoop, but Carina Spencer let us know that she likes to release the patterns only a few at a time so that she can give all of the pieces the attention they deserve, which sounds lke a fun plan!

To kick off the collection let's let Carina speak to her inspiration:

Sometimes home isn’t a place where we live, it’s a connection with the people we love where we feel seen and safe. Sometimes our homes wander the world in the hearts of others. Everywhere You Go Is Home is a collection of four heart-led designs to knit for the ones you love to remind them that no matter how far away life takes you, you'll always be close. Each pattern explores the territory of different close connections: kindred spirits, best friends, and familial bonds.

The first pieces in this collection are the Kindred Hat and Mitts. One of the truly exciting parts of Carina's proposal was showing these pieces in both a two color and one color version. It shows how the knitter can customize their pieces to fit whomever will be the ultimate wearer of the project.

When combined with stripes, slipped stitches produce amazing colorwork and you might think that going one color would dampen the effect, but nothing could be further from the truth. The way the slipped stitches glide above the surface of the fabric creates a fascinating texture when worked in only one color.

Another fun element of these patterns is that they can be worked in either Malabrigo Chunky or Malabrigo Twist! The women’s sample was knit with Twist in Burgundy and Applewood. The men’s sample was knit with Chunky in Dark Earth but with all of the colors available in each base the possibilities are endless!

Carina (check her out as @carinaspencer on Instagram) will be releasing the rest of the patterns in the collection over the remaining weeks of August so check back often to follow along on this journey!


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