Designer Interview: Mia Rinde

This entry was posted on 11th July, 2012 .
Our newest designer interviewee is Mia Rinde! Mia is a lace shawl extrordinaire, having published TEN of them since beginning to design last year! Mia says:
I’m totally addicted to knitting lace shawls, I tell myself (and try to convince my husband) that one can never have too many shawls.
(I'm with ya there, Mia.)
  Hi Mia! Thanks for being here :-) What can you tell us about your first experience with Malabrigo yarn? My first skein of Malabrigo was actually a gift sent to me by a Raveler in Finland. I had heard lots about the yarns but didn't know any retailers where I lived (in Sweden). I think the fact that I finished my lace shawl in a week is a good indication on how much I liked it. I've always been fascinated by colours and the slight variegation in this yarn, the constant question of how the next row will look on the row before is addicting and fun (/terribly sleep depriving).
And what was your first design in Malabrigo? My first design with Malabrigo was a shawl depicting foilage, it's called Leaf by Leaf and I used less than one skein of Malabrigo lace. My designs often start out with me trying to find ways of interpreting nature in knitting but it isn't always obvious in the finished piece.
Why do you choose to use Malabrigo in so many of your designs? Well, this year I had a plan to knit with a wider range of colours (not just pink, purple, green and everything in between (hey that rhymes)) I've chosen a lot of Malabrigo because it has just the right amount of colour variegation for my taste.
What is your personal favorite Mal project to date? I'm not the kind that sticks to a favourite knit over a longer period of time, I tend to prefer one of the things I've made recently. Right now it's this one in Silky Merino (Madre Perla)- I'm proud I managed to give it to the intended recipient as I'm normally a very selfish knitter keeping all of my goodies to myself.
What is your favorite colorway and yarn base? My favourite colorway out of the ones I've actually seen is Hollyhock. I keep thinking I should get Damask Rose when I look online but my retailers don't carry it. There are so many beautiful colours this question is almost impossible to answer! I have just the faintest memory of my kindergarten teacher saying "everybody is best in their own way" so I think my final answer is "every colourway is best in it's own way". As for favourite base I'd have to say Malabrigo Lace, my hands are in heaven when I knit with this wonderfully soft yarn!   Thank you for answering our questions Mia! You guys can ogle all of Mia's lovely designs on her Ravelry page ;-)
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