Designer Interview: Melissa Goodale

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Today we've got a great designer from my old Pacific Northwest stomping grounds- Melissa Goodale! A little quick bio:
Mel spends her days in Seattle dreaming up new designs and playing with yarn. Her projects expand to fill the space available. Luckily, this doesn't seem to bother her husband or her 2 sons. You can find her as StickChick on Ravelry, scknits on Twitter, or at
Hi Melissa! Thanks for talking with us. Can you tell us about your first experience with Malabrigo? The first time I saw Malabrigo was a knit night at my LYS; a friend brought in some Worsted (back when that was the only base available) in Stonechat. I fell crazy in love with the color, and the softness. I couldn't believe it was actually wool. I ran out and bought 2 skeins of Worsted in Stonechat for myself that night. The funny thing is that I've never used those 2 skeins. I love them so much that I'm still waiting for the perfect pattern to use them. I think the first project I actually knit with Malabrigo was the Echoes Mitts  I designed.
Echoes Mitts, in Worsted, color Sunset.
  Well that answers my second question about your first design in Malabrigo, haha. I've had many more since then. Remolino won a Malabrigo design competition on Ravelry back in 2008. I was also flattered to be one of the MFPP designers in May 2012; Birds of Mythology was the compilation I put together for that project.
Remolino Hat in Worsted, colorway Pagoda.
  And a beautiful collection it was! Why are you drawn to Malabrigo for use in your designs? I'm drawn to Malabrigo because of their deep, saturated colors and amazing softness. These yarns are meant to be worn next to the skin. Now that they have so many base yarns available it makes designing even easier. From lace to super bulky and everything in between I can find a Malabrigo yarn to fit the design.   What is your favorite Malabrigo project that you've made to date? This is a tough one, I love so many of my Malabrigo projects for different reasons. I'd say the one I wear the most, though, is my Hermosa. It's just the right size to wrap around my neck and block the Seattle chill from getting into my coat. I've had it for a couple years and it still looks new. Arroyo is such a great base.
Hermosa shawls, both in Arroyo, in colors Coffee Toffee and Aguas.
  In the spring I love to wear my Alicanto, which is also knit in Arroyo. If Arroyo came in the full array of colors that Worsted comes in I might never use another sport yarn again.  
Alicanto, in Arroyo, colorway Jupiter
What is your favorite colorway and yarn base? I have 2 favorite yarn bases, Arroyo and Finito. Arroyo is the perfect yarn for everyday items that need to stand up to regular washing and wearing. Finito, on the other hand, is the perfect splurge yarn for those little luxuries. I designed Coloma using Finito and the entire time I was knitting with it I just couldn't believe there wasn't any cashmere in the yarn. It is insanely soft. I'm not sure how it is that Malabrigo has found such wonderfully soft sheep, but I'm happy to enjoy the results.  
Coloma in Finito, in the Glitter colorway.
  As far as colors there are so many that I love. Red is my favorite color, so I find myself drawn to Tiziano, Ravelry Red, and I've got a great sweater I knit out of Sealing Wax. But I also love Lettuce and Sunset when I'm looking for something vibrant. Stonechat is my favorite from the variegated colors.   Thanks so much Melissa!! You can check out all of Melissa's work on her Ravelry page, or on her website!
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