Designer Interview: Gege ŗ la Gomme

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Today we're talking to†GeneviŤve, who designs as Gege ŗ†la Gomme (a childhood nickname that means, she explains, something like "Dennis the Menace" or "rascal".) †In her own words: I started playing with yarn in preschool. Iíve always been knitting since then but not regularly. I started playing again with yarn seriously in 2003, when I was completing my degree in Fine Arts. I slowly switched my paintbrushes for knitting needles and since then knitting has become my first choice medium. Iíve always been improvising my own projects. I started designing knitting patterns in the beginning of 2010. I love the challenge and the satisfaction that designing provides. I like to design all kind of things. My patterns come from a combination of experimentation, inspiration, a lot of thinking and a lot of ripping off. Hi GeneviŤve!!†Can you please tell us about your first "Malabrigo Experience"?† I first discovered Malabrigo via Ravelry. I think Iíve joined the Junkiesís group even before I bought my first skein of Mal. Everyone seemed so happy with their Malabrigo yarns and the projects made out of it were looking so beautiful to me that I had to place an order to try that for myself. I grabbed several skeins of Merino worsted in a variety of colorways. I picked up one skein of each colorway that was available in the store I was used to shop at that time. I got Sealing Wax, Bergamota, Pearl Ten, Verde Esperanza, Sapphire Green, Tortuga, Frank Ochre and Pearl. There was some Loro Barranquero too. And then Iíve been hooked!
What was your first design using Malabrigo? My first design with Mal was Buttercup hat. Itís also my first design ever. It makes a great gift. Itís very quick and also easy. Iíve made a couple more to give to my sister and friends.
I just love the color combos in that hat! (But then, I'm a huge sucker for Frank Ochre, hehe.) Anyway, moving on... what draws you to Malabrigo for your designs? I use Malabrigo most of the time because of the high quality of their bases. The selection of colorways is phenomenal and so inspiring. I think itís a good yarn to choose to design with because itís very appreciated and widely available. The company is being run by awesome people and I am also secretly hoping to work with them one some projects one day.
Hehe, we do love working with indie designers! So what is your personal favorite Mal project to date? Itís hard to compare a shawl with a hat or a sweater but I would say my sample for Riddim. Iíve been wearing it a lot. Itís made out of Rios and itís such a pleasure to wear. Most people donít believe I made it when they donít know me.†My favorite hat this past winter has been Street Lamps. The two layers are making it very warm. It's also reversible and you can use different colors for each layer.†I also love my Nightlite shawl sample to pieces.  
Beautiful! I really like the reversibility of the Street Lamps hat, and the way the two multicolored colorways melt together. Speaking of which, what is your fave colorway (and fave base yarn, too)? My favorite base yarn to date is Rios. I love it for itís washability and itís beautiful stitch definition. I still didnít have the privilege to try Arroyo, Finito, Twist, Chunky, Rasta nor Silky yet. I bet I would love them too and and I canít wait till the day I can put my hands on some of these yarns! Letís talk about the fabulous colorways. Itís going to be impossible to narrow it down to just one favorite.†I really love the neutrals Pearl and Pearl Ten. I never tried Plomo, but it looks to be so amazing.†If you didnít try Black because you think itís ordinary, try it! Itís not just Black, itís more like Power Black, the deepest you ever seen. I love vivid colors too! Sunset, Solis, Bergamota, I never got to try Bobby Blue but it looks gorgeous. Iím into pastels too! I love Water Green, Butter, Apricot and I have so many more colorways to try and to love! Thank you so much†GeneviŤve! You can check out†GeneviŤve's blog here or see all her work on her Ravelry page. We can't wait to see what you come up with in the future! (And I highly recommend the Finito! And Twist. And Arroyo. Aw heck, all of 'em.) (And a little bonus sneak preview of her upcoming design, New Tower: )

- Alex

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