Dear Malabrigo Friends

This entry was posted on 14th November, 2011 .

Hello, Malabrigo Blog Readers! It is not very often that I have a chance to address you all directly, although I have been writing for the blog for nearly two years, I have not written posts from my own point of view since I was in Montevideo for my internship. Working for Malabrigo has been a truly unique and lovely experience. This company cares so deeply for everything involved in the process in making their yarns - each skein is loved from sheep to final skein, and all of the wools are produced in the most delicate of ways. When you get a skein, you are truly getting a gift. A gift that has passed through many, many hands, been dyed by people who do it all day long and never tire of their work. The folks at the factory, the people who run the company, the people who raise the sheep - these are all truly dear, wonderful individuals to me. I am so honored to have been a part of this wonderful company, no matter how small a part I have been. In case you aren't aware, I have been the Project Coordinator, I have answered some of your Submissions inquiries, I have done a bit of customer service here and there - I write any blog post you see tagged with my name at the end, and I have worked on Book 3, and soon will help the company release Book 4 (I will be finishing my work with them on this wonderful pattern book! I hope you all love it!) I have managed and directed contests, projects, MFPP, and many other things. I have met you at TNNA and met the sheep at Paysandu. And all of this would not have been possible without Malabrigo. I am leaving the company to pursue another fiber dream, but I hope that many of you will continue to keep in touch with me, through email, ravelry, and my personal blog.  I have come to truly love what this company stands for, and I will always remember and appreciate all that you have made possible for me. The blog will continue to be updated, and you have another month scheduled of See it Knit and Weekly Color Features designed by me before the transition fully takes place. With great, big, fibery love, Hannahbelle
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