Book 6 Pattern Feature: Barcos and Rocos

This entry was posted on 29th October, 2014 .
Now that Malabrigo Book 6: In Cabo Polonio is beginning to show up in LYSes, we thought it'd be fun to give a little individual attention to all of the awesome designs (and designers!) Starting with these two: Barcos and Rocos! barcos baja barcos y rocas 2 baja Barcos is a stranded colorwork cowl in fluffy Merino Worsted, by designer Elisa McLaughlin.  In the book, there are close-ups of the picture above, but I thought it might be worth sharing some of the photos I took of the samples as they passed through my hands last summer (if you can forgive my amateur technique and messy backgrounds!): barcoscrop I love the bright orange with the neutral backdrop! Rocos is a rather exquisitely-detailed set of tall legwarmers- perfect for wearing with skirts on a chilly day (or a blustery beach!) They are designed by Malia Mather (who owns an adorable yarn shop in Amsterdam, in case you're ever in the area!) rocascloseup Rocas are knit with four shades of Sock- the fact that they coordinate so well with Barcos was serendipity, but you could have an awful lot of fun coming up with color schemes for these! Love the tiny picot hems. Stay tuned for more pattern features as we work our way through Book 6! In the meantime, keep an eye out for the book at your local Malabrigo retailer/LYS!
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