Pellet fuel at malabrigo

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Malabrigo yarn has taken another step to becoming a greener company. We’ve been using Solar Energy to heat the water used for dyeing the yarns for a while, but now we have migrated the majority of our
traditional solutions to another renewable form of energy: Wood Pellets!

Wood Pellets are small tubular organic particles formed with compressed sawdust and other industrial by-products, such runoff waste wood would otherwise go to waste if they were not used to form wood pellets.
They are composed of 100% biological materials from industrial waste which are responsibly recycled, without chemical binding agents or dangerous additives.
Wood Pellets have many environmental benefits over more traditional heating solutions from fossil fuels, while still being able to produce similar levels of energy. They burn cleaner than normal logs or
chips too.

Further benefits including enhanced work site conditions and worker health through cleaner burning fuels. This is generally accepted as a clean form of energy as trees can be easily replanted to replace the CO2 produced when burnt so long as additional wood isn’t harvested in order to produce wood pellets. Burning wood pellets also releases fewer carbon emissions than if the trees were left to decompose in forests.  

Our change to this form of renewable energy marks just the latest of our steps to becoming a more sustainable company and is a part of our commitment to continue towards a cleaner, greener future.

If you want to learn more about wood pellet energy you can follow any of the links below:

A little bit from home

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We would like to invite you into our home, to get to know us a little better.

For 11 years now you have known and worked with our products, which are well received all over the world. We don't have the words to express how thankful we are for that.

We wanted to give you a little inside look at where those products are created and what inspires them. We have been thinking about how to do that for a while, and finally it's here, a small glimse into our home, and our surroundings. We hope you enjoy it!


Director: Sofía Córdoba

Director of PhotographyNacho Elola

Executive Producer: Marta León Barreto / Vasco Elola

Writer: Vasco Elola

Producer: Ana Mieres

Producer Asst.: María Elola

Editor: José Vitarella

Post: Nacho Benedetti

Color post: Nacho Elola

Gaffer: Germán Couto

Archive: Ricardo Aguerre

Music Composer: Manuel Espasandin

Fashion show at Vogue Knitting Live, Minneapolis

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Last Saturday, November 5th malabrigo took over the Vogue Knitting Live runway in Minneapolis. We had the opportunity to show you designs from some of our books, specially our most recent one, malabrigo Book 10 – Rios, and also designs by Steven Be and Scott Rohr. For anyone who couldn’t enjoy the fashion show live with us, we made a little video, showing some highlights.

We also presented garments from our upcoming malabrigo Book 11 – Aniversario. This book will be based on designs featuring our new colourway Aniversario, created to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

To read more about the patterns presented at the Fashion Show, please click on the following image, which is for the brochure we gave away at the door.

List of patterns and description

The fashion show was a success and we had a blast! We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into it, too ?

Shearing time at the malabrigo Sheepfold

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We have been working on this for a while and wanted to share it with you today, a video of our sheep flock! We hope this will be the first of others, but all in good time! :)

Malabrigo flock, La Serena, Uruguay. Malabrigo flock, La Serena, Uruguay.

As some of you know, we have our beloved sheep flock, who live on a ranch called La Serena, near our headquarters in Montevideo. In this video we show you around beautiful Piedras de Afilar and demonstrate the process by which we shear our sheep and harvest the beautiful fleece that becomes Malabrigo yarn. We strive to use sustainable and humane farming practices with our ranch and flock – a happy sheep makes the best wool!

We hope you enjoy it, as we enjoy and value sharing what is important to us with you!


Line producer: malabrigo

Photography: Marcos Mezzottoni

Edited by: Marcos Mezzottoni

Texts: malabrigo

Music: Manuel Espasandin

Cameras: Joaquín González, Pancho Pastori y Marcos Mezzottoni



Visiting the malabrigo mill

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Some weeks ago we had the visit of Joji, Andrea and Nash, and we spent a great time with the girls. joji Then, to our surprise, Nash made a detailed podcast about their visit to the mill! We think that she describe the atmosphere of malabrigo so well! So, we want to share with you this wonderful video of Nash! Thanks Nash! :)

Dear Malabrigo Friends

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Hello, Malabrigo Blog Readers! It is not very often that I have a chance to address you all directly, although I have been writing for the blog for nearly two years, I have not written posts from my own point of view since I was in Montevideo for my internship. Working for Malabrigo has been a truly unique and lovely experience. This company cares so deeply for everything involved in the process in making their yarns - each skein is loved from sheep to final skein, and all of the wools are produced in the most delicate of ways. When you get a skein, you are truly getting a gift. A gift that has passed through many, many hands, been dyed by people who do it all day long and never tire of their work. The folks at the factory, the people who run the company, the people who raise the sheep - these are all truly dear, wonderful individuals to me. I am so honored to have been a part of this wonderful company, no matter how small a part I have been. In case you aren't aware, I have been the Project Coordinator, I have answered some of your Submissions inquiries, I have done a bit of customer service here and there - I write any blog post you see tagged with my name at the end, and I have worked on Book 3, and soon will help the company release Book 4 (I will be finishing my work with them on this wonderful pattern book! I hope you all love it!) I have managed and directed contests, projects, MFPP, and many other things. I have met you at TNNA and met the sheep at Paysandu. And all of this would not have been possible without Malabrigo. I am leaving the company to pursue another fiber dream, but I hope that many of you will continue to keep in touch with me, through email, ravelry, and my personal blog.  I have come to truly love what this company stands for, and I will always remember and appreciate all that you have made possible for me. The blog will continue to be updated, and you have another month scheduled of See it Knit and Weekly Color Features designed by me before the transition fully takes place. With great, big, fibery love, Hannahbelle

Malabrigo Resources

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Did you know that the Malabrigo Junkies isn't just a social group on Ravelry, but also a great resource for anyone who wants to knit in our yarns? If you are a member of, you can check out (and maybe join) the Malabrigo Junkies and view their pages -- a full list of resources is available! The Junkies have pages on the following topics: - Colorway lists for many of the yarn bases, including colors that have been discontinued! - Frequently Asked Questions for everything from alternating skeins, dye lots (the lack thereof), and how to care for your finished Malabrigo garments - Information about us as a company, including information about the sheep! - Knitting suggestions for variegated colorways, as well as many pattern suggestions for single skein projects in some of the bases, and 5-skein patterns for other bases - A list of patterns designed by the Malabrigo Junkies All of these are open, free pages that don't require membership to the Junkies for you to read! So if you have a Ravelry account, check them out!

-- Hannah

New Submissions Email!

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If you're a designer who is interested in working with us at Malabrigo Yarns, or you are working on a project for a publication that you would like to use one of our yarns for, please feel free to contact us via our new Submissions email:

Each submission is handled personally by our Project Coordinator, and responded to as quickly as possible! If you are submitting as a designer requesting yarn support for a project, please include a detailed description of the project, sketches and swatches if possible, and an estimate of the yarns and colorways you would need, as well as the projected timeline and release date of your project. Also, all designers are welcome to submit portfolios for the upcoming Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project 2012. This is a great opportunity to introduce your working style and design prowess to us -- many of the designers from MFPP are considered for our future books.


January MFPP Release!

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eBookComposit We are so excited to announce the first e-book release in a whole upcoming year of patterns. Who better to start out the year than the delightful Nina Machlin Dayton, who has long provided lovely, popular Malabrigo patterns to Ravelry members and her blog readers alike? Nina's collection of accessory pieces is soft, luxurious, and sure to provide more than a few staples for your late winter wardrobe. She drew inspiration from the writer Charles Dickens for this collection, and his descriptions of winter. Part of the loveliness of this collection is the color palette -- soft, muted, frosty tones with the deep greens and blues of shadows on snow and under evergreens. We hope you enjoy her collection as much as we do! Be sure to check out the collection here: The Best of Times e-book on Ravelry


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Q: How do I pronounce ¨malabrigo¨? A:  maul ah-bree’ -go'

Malabrigo Booklet 2

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Introducing the booklet 2 designed by Melissa Leapman. 17721Large_ec64 Backstage Elena posing for the photographer. Elena-esperando-jpg

Another update

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Sorry for not updating before, things are moving kind of slow here. The building is now in the hands of the city hall, and as there is flammable material inside we can’t start working. We were allowed in the building again today with Antonio to get a better idea of the damages and our first impression was correct. The mill is ok but everything that was in the warehouse is basically gone. We are looking for alternatives, but we can’t do anything until we are given the building back, so we are still waiting. We hope it is not a long waiting but we are in Uruguay, so the answer is always “soon”. We have to be patient. We are leaving for the TNNA show in Columbus on Wednesday. We will of course be monitoring things very closely, but for this week it seems there’s not much to do regarding rebuilding. Again, I would like to thank you all for your support; it’s great to know that we have so many people with us at this difficult time. We are sure we will thought this soon, and who knows, we may end up doing things better after all this. To those going to the TNNA show, we hope to see you there, I'll keep posting while I'm in Columbus.

Update on fire at the mill

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I want to thank you all for your messages of support, prayers and best wishes. We finally were let into the building this afternoon. I have good news and bad news. The mill is still functional, there is very little damage, and we can start working as soon as the building is open, and after we have electricity back. We hope it will take less than a month but we don’t know as the firefighters are still working on it. After that the municipality has to inspect the building and say which areas are approved and which are to be closed. But basically is a problem of when, not how. The bad news is that the offices, the lab and the warehouse are basically ruined, we may be able to recover some yarn, but most of it (among it 500 kilos of the sock on the works) is probably gone. We will have to move the warehouse, we hope we will be able to keep dyeing in the building, but that depends on what the fire department and municipality say. We think it will take us 20 to 30 days to be dyeing again, either there or at a new location. We had insurance which will help (in part) with the recovery, but nothing can pay for the time it will take us to be back in a situation where we can ship as before. Thanks again for your prayers and best wishes, I’m in a down mood right now, just to see all that wasted yarn was heartbreaking, but I hope things will start to look much better next week.