A little bit from home

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We would like to invite you into our home, to get to know us a little better.

For 11 years now you have known and worked with our products, which are well received all over the world. We don't have the words to express how thankful we are for that.

We wanted to give you a little inside look at where those products are created and what inspires them. We have been thinking about how to do that for a while, and finally it's here, a small glimse into our home, and our surroundings. We hope you enjoy it!


Director: Sofía Córdoba

Director of PhotographyNacho Elola

Executive Producer: Marta León Barreto / Vasco Elola

Writer: Vasco Elola

Producer: Ana Mieres

Producer Asst.: María Elola

Editor: José Vitarella

Post: Nacho Benedetti

Color post: Nacho Elola

Gaffer: Germán Couto

Archive: Ricardo Aguerre

Music Composer: Manuel Espasandin

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