• Book 5, In Soho, Spring scarf.

    Row 2 (WS) K1, p2, [p2tog, yo, p6] twice, p2tog, yo, p3, k1.

    Beg Polka Dot Lace Row 3 The count is off. 

    After finishing the row you have 35 stitches not 37.

  • Book 5, In Soho, Angélica.

    Correction is the "5".

    After 'Beg center motif chart'

    Turn to work back and forth. Sl 5 sts to RH needle.

  • Book 5, In Soho, Hester Cowl.

    Download correction
  • Book 5, In Soho, Houston

    In Stitch Key, the symbol for 'k on RS and WS' should read 'k on RS and p on WS'

    (page 39)

  • Book 5, In Soho, Kenmare.

    Under Beg Eyelet Chart, in Row 1 (inc RS) and in the following Row 1 (inc RS), 'chart 1' should read 'upper edge chart'. Each row should begin 'Work upper edge chart over 16 sts...'