Malabrigo Quickie: Amber Twist Hat by Natalya1905

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While some parts of the world are starting to get warm, other parts are still in the grips of the cold and half of the world is heading into winter, so it's the perfect time for a cozy new hat. Designer Natalya has taken a single beautiful skein of Dos Tierras in Ochre and crafted a fun hat featuring cables and texture and named it the Amber Twist Hat.

When asked about her inspiration, Natalya had the following to say:

Amber Twist is a cozy, slightly slouchy beanie hat, featuring a tubular cast-on, a classic ribbed brim, delicate zigzag columns and subtle cables. The hat is knit in the round from the bottom up and sized to fit most adults. Working on this design, I wanted to showcase the beauty of Malabrigo Dos Tierras, its flawless softness and perfect stitch definition. 'It's so gorgeous,' I gasped when I first saw this yarn in a hank. 'It's so lightweight and squishy,' whispered my model... Amber Twist is a quick and easy project. I truly hope you will like it and can't wait to see it in many different colors, bright or neutral. I'm sure all your hats will be stunningly beautiful. 

Like the designer, I cannot wait to see the other colors that knitters choose for this hat. I am pretty sure that it will look great in just about anything! Honestly, I can see knitting this one up in several different colors and never getting bored.


Popular on Instagram for March, 2019

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These are your favorite posts from last month:


Nightshift by Andrea Mowry, knitted by laurabainsantiago, using Rios in Blue Jeans, Magenta, Single Lot, Lettuce, Teal Feather and Syrah Grapes colorways. 


KnitWeave by Susan Ashcroft, knitted by Knapknits, using Silky Merino in Mares and Cape Cod Gray colorways. 


Sunrise Cowl by Emily Sheehan using Rasta in Arco Iris, Queguay and Cape Code Gray colorways. 


Skeins - Sock in Turner and Mechita in Art Nouveau. Photo by @driftwoodyarns.


Daelyn Pullover by Isabell Kraemer , knitted by OxanaH, using Rios in Bobby Blue colorway. 

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Malabrigo Quickie Asteria by Frances Othen Wales

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Have you heard about Malabrigo Washted yet? It is a superwash version of our much loved Worsted base. Just like Worsted it is a super soft, single ply dyed in a rainbow of stunning colors. But Washted can stand up to being in the washing machine! The superwash process prevents felting and has the lovely side-effect of making the yarn almost silky - which made it a perfect match for the beautiful new cowl Asteria (click here for pattern page) by talented new designer Frances Othen-Wales

Frances was kind enough to create two versions of this stunning piece, one that uses a single skein and another that uses two skeins. So whatever your cowl length preference this pattern will suit. 

Here are some words from the designer:

Asteria is a lightweight yet cosy cowl designed to showcase one or two skeins of beautiful Malabrigo Washted, and works particularly well in a variegated colourway. The gauge is deliberately loose to really get the most out of your yarn whilst still providing a gloriously squishy finished product. Named for Asteria, the Greek goddess of falling stars, the cowl is inspired by images of our galaxy. The knotted openwork stitch moves across a background of plain stockinette creating a beautiful interplay of texture and colour. The cowl is knit flat and then seamed using kitchener stitch, and is available in two sizes.

And she is so right. The intriguing knot stitch that is employed works just as beautifully with the Washted multicolor Selva Peruana as it does with the tonal Pearl. I cannot wait to see this cowl in as many colors as possible because I am confident that they will all be stunning!

Better Together Flirtations with Brioche a MFPP from Simone Kereit

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We are so excited to present the first MFPP for 2019. It is a collection of patterns to get you started with adding the Brioche technique to your knitting repertoire! So please enjoy this guest blog post from the extraordinary designer Simone Kereit

This winter, I have had the honor to be working on a small pattern collection in collaboration with Malabrio Yarn for their Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project. When we first started talking about the designs, I suggested a collection centered around Brioche, but designing the pieces so that they would feel both approachable for the Brioche novice, and be exciting for the seasoned knitter. In short I was dreaming of taking brioche out of it's standard frame and adding it as litte fun elements or tweaking it to be used in different ways than what had been seen in patterns before. 
I think of the 4 pattern collection as a flirtation with Brioche knitting as all the pieces highlight and combine Brioche, with something else. I wanted to explore and intersect different elements and techniques alongside Brioche. The sum total of the parts often is greater than the individual bits and I feel I managed to achieve just that with this collection, the individual parts added up just make everything better. And so I got to the name of the collection:  Better Together: Flirtations with Brioche (click to see collection) I am super excited to finally be able to share these with you. And admittedly, to finally be able to wear them all in public!
The first pattern is a cowl, and is really the comfort or entry level piece here: Perfect to start if you have not done a lot of Brioche knitting before or are looking for a relaxing and rhythmic knit.This might be your 'gateway drug' to the Brioche world, where we lure you in and where you say, yes, yes, I am ready: Beam me up Scotty!
Beam me up Scotty is a convertible cowl which combines brioche and garter stitch. It features a generous button band worked along the brioche section, making for a nice and neat selvage edge.

It's designed in amazing Washted (the new superwash yarn from Malabrigo) and is meant to be worn with the bottom part under your coat so it fills that drafty gap at your neck with nice cushy warmth. Wear it buttoned, or roll it down, or just sort of fold it into place for a variety of looks! (shown in Indonesia and Pearl)

This is a 3/4 sleeve Spring top worked up in Malabrigo Arroyo. Can I just tell you it feel wonderful to knit with and is amazing to wear? When I finally put the  design on for the photo shoot I wanted to never take it off again! Here I am introducing you to a new technique called Brioche Insertion.
The subtle patterning you see along the left side seam is done with a section of Brioche worked in an expanding pattern. The stitches are naturally loser and that adds to the subtle and balancing A-line shaping for form flattering style. So for Vitamin B you combine stockinette with 2-color Brioche and it's, uhm, just better together!  (shown in Greenish Blue and Diana)

Named in homage to the train line my husband used to take to work, (that’s the subway, for the non New Yorkers; took me years to learn this!) the B Train hat is cozy and fun and perfect for waiting on those cold open train platforms. And of course B also stands in nicely for Brioche.

B Train is a hat in two sizes and is worked in the round. A 2-color Brioche Insertion is worked over a decreasing area on one side. This is definitely the most technical of the designs, as Brioche Insertions worked in the round are a bit like Intarsia worked in the round: they require some thinking outside the box. But with a bit of concentration, you'll get the hang of this in no time, and it's all written out line by line down to whether to leave the unused yarn hanging to the front or the back! (shown in Gris and Pine on Rios).

Off the B-List

The fourth design is knit on the bias and is the only design which is predominantly Brioche stitch. It's reversible and is worked from corner to corner. In this design I wanted to explore knitting the deeply textured brioche stitch on the diagonal. And the result is the fun and funky 'Off the B-List' poncho!

The Off the B-List poncho (or stole, if you prefer to not sew it up) is so versatile! Combine a muted and a off the hook color and wear the muted side to the office, then turn the thing inside out take yourself OFF THE B-LIST to go out on the town! Do you want to go sophisticated and muted or make a bold statement with two flashy colors? Your choice! (shown in Teal Feather on Sock and Double Bass on Mechita).

Knit one or all of these patterns. We're pretty sure once you get started in Brioche, you're not going to want to stop! Make sure to click all of the links to see the Ravelry pages and get your own copies of these fun new patterns.

Malabrigo Quickie Brunnera Mitts by Jen Lucas

This entry was posted on 11th February, 2019 by Barbara .

Fingerless mitts are so much fun to knit and wear, and when designer Jen Lucas proposed these easy knit mitts to highlight Rios it was a perfect match. She named the pattern Brunnera (click here for pattern) which I had to google. I discovered it is a beautiful plant with interesting, intricate texture, which makes it a great name for these textured mitts. 

Let's hear about the pattern in the designer's own words:

Brunnera is an easy fingerless mitts pattern that has a fun texture worked throughout. The combination of Stockinette stitch, garter stitch, and a textured slipped stitch pattern make these mitts extra squishy! The slipped stitches are perfect for the slight variegation in the Kris colorway. Knit in the Rios yarn base, Brunnera will keep you warm for those last few days of winter.

I really cannot get enough of this stunning new Rios color Kris. It has such depth of color it positively glows. If you haven't seen all of the new colors that came out in 2018, you should go check them out under yarns. Then you can pick out your favorite and knit up your own pair of these amazing mitts!

Popular on Instagram for February, 2019

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Let's take a look at the favourite posts on our Instagram feed during February: 


Heartstrings by Kyle Vey, using malabrigo Sock in Tiziano Red colorway. 


Quick Ombré Hat by Emily Dormier, knitted by greensled, using malabrigo Rios in Natural and Arco Iris colorways.


Good Vibrations by Triona Murphy, using malabrigo Rios in Sand Bank, Teal Feather and Lettuce colorways. 


A Twisted Reflection by Fran Carle, knitted by MapleTreeLane67, using malabrigo Rios in Liquidambar colorway. 


Pineapple Hat by Sonya Marie, using malabrigo Worsted in Sauterne and Lettuce colorways. 

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Malabrigo Quickie Bough Shawl by Tori Gurbisz

This entry was posted on 28th January, 2019 by Barbara .

We are kicking off 2019 with a super fast and fun knit in Rasta! Lachesis and Co. designer Tori Gurbisz chose to highlight one of the new TriBeCa colors in this bold lace shawl. 

The Bough Shawl looks awesome in Whole Grain but there is a whole palate of Rasta to choose from and any of the colors would look great. You'll need a US size 17 (12.75 mm) circular needle for all of these chunky stitches and you will not believe how quickly the stitches will fly.

We asked Tori to share a bit about the shawl, here's what she had to say!

Bough is an elongated triangle shawl, with increases worked at the edges on both sides to form the shape. The large stitches created by Rasta are a perfect match for the eyelets and directional decreases. In this great neutral color, I find the stitch pattern reminds me of tree branches longing for spring.
This shawl is worked from the top down, beginning with a garter tab. Both written and charted instructions are included.
Rasta is perfect for quick knits and you will be perfectly snuggly in this beautiful shawl.