Malabrigo Quickie Brunnera Mitts by Jen Lucas

This entry was posted on 11th February, 2019 by Barbara .

Fingerless mitts are so much fun to knit and wear, and when designer Jen Lucas proposed these easy knit mitts to highlight Rios it was a perfect match. She named the pattern Brunnera (click here for pattern) which I had to google. I discovered it is a beautiful plant with interesting, intricate texture, which makes it a great name for these textured mitts. 

Let's hear about the pattern in the designer's own words:

Brunnera is an easy fingerless mitts pattern that has a fun texture worked throughout. The combination of Stockinette stitch, garter stitch, and a textured slipped stitch pattern make these mitts extra squishy! The slipped stitches are perfect for the slight variegation in the Kris colorway. Knit in the Rios yarn base, Brunnera will keep you warm for those last few days of winter.

I really cannot get enough of this stunning new Rios color Kris. It has such depth of color it positively glows. If you haven't seen all of the new colors that came out in 2018, you should go check them out under yarns. Then you can pick out your favorite and knit up your own pair of these amazing mitts!

Lots of Socks KAL, hosted by Lisa K. Ross

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Do you know about the Lots of Socks KAL happening in ravelry?

Those with Down syndrome have a 3rd copy of chromosome 21, so on 3/21 (March 21) the world celebrates World Down Syndrome Day. The idea behind #lotsofsocks is that everyone wears two different colorful socks to highlight the uniqueness of these individuals and show their support for the Down syndrome community.

This KAL was designed to create LOTS of socks that will also generate support and awareness for a great cause!

It will run from February 1st to February 15th where each day one designer will have a sock pattern at 50% off. That's 15 designers participating !! ALL sales of the highlighted design will go to supporting Down Syndrome International

malabrigo is a proud supporter of this KAL together with an impressive list of 70 business!

Please, read more details on how to be a part of this KAL to support Down Syndrome International, by following this link.

We hope you join and have great fun knitting a lot of socks for a good cause!


Malabrigo Quickie Bough Shawl by Tori Gurbisz

This entry was posted on 28th January, 2019 by Barbara .

We are kicking off 2019 with a super fast and fun knit in Rasta! Lachesis and Co. designer Tori Gurbisz chose to highlight one of the new TriBeCa colors in this bold lace shawl. 

The Bough Shawl looks awesome in Whole Grain but there is a whole palate of Rasta to choose from and any of the colors would look great. You'll need a US size 17 (12.75 mm) circular needle for all of these chunky stitches and you will not believe how quickly the stitches will fly.

We asked Tori to share a bit about the shawl, here's what she had to say!

Bough is an elongated triangle shawl, with increases worked at the edges on both sides to form the shape. The large stitches created by Rasta are a perfect match for the eyelets and directional decreases. In this great neutral color, I find the stitch pattern reminds me of tree branches longing for spring.
This shawl is worked from the top down, beginning with a garter tab. Both written and charted instructions are included.
Rasta is perfect for quick knits and you will be perfectly snuggly in this beautiful shawl.

Popular on Instagram for December, 2018

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Hello, 2019 !! 
How is your new year going so far?
We are enjoying the summer and vacation time in Uruguay, its one of the slowest months of the year here, everyone enjoying the beach ;)

Lets take a look at what the last month of 2018 on Instagram looked like, as far as most popular mosts go, shall we?

Nightshift by Andrea Mowry, knitted by ravelry user Josephinesew, using malabrigo Worsted in Blue Graphite, Burgundy, Rhodesian, Garden Gate, Frost Gray, Sunset and Marron Oscuro.


Humulus by Isabell Kraemerknitted by ravelry user Stitched-Middle, using malabrigo Rios in Pearl and Solis.


Alfonsine Hat by Zuzana Pohankovaknitted by ravelry user Sueza, using malabrigo Sock in Tiziano Red.


G'night Cap by Sarah Schiraknitted by ravelry user marfi236, using malabrigo Rios in Bobby Blue.



The Weekender by Andrea Mowryknitted by ravelry user lgendotti, using malabrigo Rios in Frank Ochre.

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See you next month !


We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.


2019 New Year New Color

This entry was posted on 2nd January, 2019 by Barbara .

Every year the color experts over at Pantone look into their crystal ball and predict a "Color of the Year". When they annouced that the color for 2019 was Living Coral it set our creative wheels in motion, we were inspired!

We decided to work with Rios because, well, we all love Rios and it is such a wonderful yarn to work with we thought it would be a perfect match. As always, it takes time to develop a color until it is perfect enough to bear the Malabrigo name; and then we have to produce enough of it so that you will be able to find it in your favorite LYS. 

But we wanted to share some initial photos with you all first thing in the new year so that you can start planning what you will create with our beautiful new color CORAL! Your very own squishy skeins of this amazing hue will hit the stores in late February of 2019 - so be on the look out and reserve some time on your needles and hooks!